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Master the Difficult Task of Teaching Children With Disabilities

Teaching Children with Disabilities
Teaching children with disabilities is most importantly a matter of motivating them to adjust with the situations they are in.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Teaching children who are normal and have the capability to grasp things efficiently, can be a daily task for teachers in schools. However, if they are put in a situation where they have to teach those with disabilities, they may have to use a totally different concept. This is one of the most crucial tasks that teachers have to perform. Primarily, there are two types of disabilities found in children ― mental and physical.
Learning (Mental) Disabilities
It is observed that teaching children with disabilities in learning is often more difficult than teaching handicapped children. Here, the teacher has to use different techniques altogether. She has to first understand the mental condition of the student, assess his learning capacities and the rate at which he can learn, and then make use of appropriate techniques. Teachers have to give additional attention to students who have such disabilities. They need to make the students understand using methods, which these students would be comfortable with.
Physical Disabilities
Teaching children with physical disabilities or handicap is a matter of providing motivation. They should in no way be made to feel that they are different. On the other hand, they should be made to realize that they are also like other students and not those who cannot do certain tasks. The instructors do not find it that difficult to teach such children as their grasping power is generally good.
Teaching Strategies
During teaching, the instructors should present the questions in the simplest and clearest manner, so that the children properly understand them. They should also encourage the students to participate in the answering process and guide them to the appropriate answer. Also, the pace of the curriculum should maintained so as to suit the needs of children.
It would be most beneficial if disabled children are taught using figures, slide-shows, and overhead projectors. This would help them better understand the fundamental concepts while teaching. Instructors can focus on the outlines and basics, instead of going deep into the lessons. Moreover, they should use hand techniques, facial expressions, and body language to get the message across.
With motivation, this strategy certainly is very effective. Instructors should consult with school psychologists to come up with more useful methods for letting them understand as to what is being taught. In order to teach them more effectively, assistive methods and devices can also be used.