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Daily Struggles Only Siblings Who Share a Room Can Relate To

Struggles Only Siblings Who Share A Room Can Relate To
Do you know what it feels like to share a room with your sibling? It's similar to living in a war-zone. With sharing the room, comes adjustments and struggles. Only those who share the room with their sibling can understand these struggles.
Puja More
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
no privacy to talk on phone.
'Privacy' is a word that vanishes from your vocabulary when you and your sibling share a room. You cannot make any late-night phone calls or chat with your friends for long. Your sibling can easily eavesdrop on your secrets, and then you have to bribe him/her to keep his/he mouth shut. You cannot talk in private with your boyfriend/girlfriend as your roomie has his ears only for you.
fight on the room
A big fight usually occurs every other weekend on who will get the room when friends come over. It becomes quite difficult if your friends start mingling with your sibling (especially if you are a girl and you share your room with your brother). And there is a definite apocalypse if both siblings plan to get their friends home on the same day.
fight for cloths
If two brothers or two sisters share the room, then there is a constant argument over clothes and who gets to wear them. The boys always fight over which shirt belongs to whom, and the girls bicker on who will wear which dress for the party (ironically, they have their eye on the same dress, always). There are times when they don't find their clothes in their own closet; it somehow always lands up in the sibling's closet.
fight for cloths
When you plan to share a room, the sharing is never even. You will notice that your things (which you need the most) are in your sibling's half of the room. And on top of that, your side will be stuffed with your sibling's crap. The result of the latter case being that you are left with less space and more litter to clean everyday.
fight on lights
This is the most prominent case. There is always one sibling who loves working/studying late at night, and the other likes doing the same things early in the morning. The former doesn't let the other one sleep, and the latter spoils his/her sibling's sound sleep in the morning. There isn't any solution to this problem other than to accept and adapt.
fight on messy room
Even if you have not responsible for the mess, you are supposed to clean it. Your parents don't care who created it, they only want the room to be clean. The mess-maker skillfully escapes out of this situation most of the time. How much ever you try to explain your parents about who created it, it's absolutely in vain.
messy room
A simple notation - 'the tastes are never the same'. If one sibling wishes the room to be painted blue, the other will opt for pink or some non-complementing color. After paint (which parents decide after seeing the big hassle), it's the room decor. There is a serious competition on whose stuff will occupy more space. The room will have the utmost disoriented poster, where a football player might be kicking the ball in the direction of a rockstar who is rendering his hit in full swing.
fight over the remote
Along with sharing the room comes the sharing of the TV, computer, etc., which leads to severe squabbles and bickering. Your sibling would like to work on the computer just when you have begun playing on it. There will always be an important show or match which your sibling cannot afford to miss (because of personal interests) when you are engrossed in watching a very interesting movie.
no talking
One of the awkward situation that arises frequently is that your fights lead to no-talking scenarios while occupying in the same room. The reality is that the silence does not stay for long, because both know how difficult it is to survive in a 'silent zone'.
fight for bathroom
It's absolutely impossible if you share the room and don't fight for the bathroom. Both will always be in a mad rush to reach school or work, and you fail to realize the amount of time you wasted on arguing for going in first instead of peacefully deciding upon it. This is a never-ending argument.
can't concentrate
When you are trying to concentrate on your studies, your sibling will play music loudly. And then... your concentration is smashed under the woofers. After even if you convince him to shut it off or lower the volume, you somehow fail to focus again.
skipping the turn to switch-off lights
The arguments don't end even when the day comes to an end. At this time of the day, the agenda for the fight is - who turns off the lights! If you set turns for doing the task, the lazier one will definitely pretend to sleep before time when it's his turn. However much you try, you can never win in this situation.
It's actually not easy sharing a room with your sibling, but it's no fun being alone in a room. You will always have a partner in the room. Even if you have a big fight, you will always have a shoulder to cry on when you have had a tough day. You can never be alone in any situation (good or bad). So, for this beautiful bond, a bit of struggle is not too much of a big deal.