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Facts About Single Parenting That Show Both Sides of the Coin

Single Parenting Facts
Single parenting does not only affect the parent, but it also equally affects the child/children. Being aware of some positive and negative aspects of it, will enable those who want to opt or are already single parents to face the various challenges and joys of being a single parent.
AptParenting Staff
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2018
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The concept of single parenting has been around for quite some time now. It can be a result of a broken marriage, the loss of a partner, or individuals choosing to be single parents without getting bound by matrimony.
Mother With Her Little Baby
There are several single parents who are trying to strike a balance between their professional and family life.
Being a single parent can be very taxing at times. The inability to cope with the emotional stress can take a heavy toll on your personal, as well professional life. It can also be equally stressful for the children to cope with single parenting. Awareness and knowledge can be helpful and reassuring during these times.
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The notion that children brought up by single parents often feel lonely and isolated, has been proved wrong. It has been observed that children, if raised to be independent and confident, lead a very fulfilling life and also succeed professionally.
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Children of those single parents who have separated and moved on are often happy to see their parents content, rather see them fight and argue daily. Such children do not develop behavioral disorders, unlike other children whose parents are constantly fighting.
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Singlehood also enables the parent to form a firmer bond with the child, to spend more quality time, to instill all the morals and values that the parent believes in, and to communicate well.
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Children of single parents learn to take responsibility at an early age, by helping around the household and helping with daily chores. They also become independent sooner and learn to deal with difficult situations well.
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If a single parent is in good and cordial terms with the former spouse, the child will have the scope of experiencing two different approaches towards life, which means a greater learning experience, as far as his/her life is concerned.
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One of the most important fact is that children of single parents would be more understanding towards their spouse and even towards their children.
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The worst part of single parenting that results from divorce or the loss of a spouse is, the emotional trauma that the parent and children would have to go through. However, with the help of the support from family members and some counseling, coping with the situation can be made easier.
The next factor would be the guilt faced by the single parent, of not being able to provide a two-parent home to the child. Many single working parents suffer from the guilt of neglecting their child, due to excessive workload. Such children, who feel neglected and less cared for, may develop behavioral problems.
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Single parents and their children may also be looked down upon, socially. Children may also face mocking by their peers and may give in to pressure, to be accepted by their friends. Such children may take to anti-social behavior like drug addiction, alcoholism, and smoking.
An important single parent fact is, the financial burden that they would have to bear. Many times, single parents, especially single moms, may not be able to bear the financial burden which may be stressful for both the parent and the children.
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Single parents with toddlers or preschoolers may find it difficult to handle their children all by themselves. It may be difficult for them to shuttle between their work, daycare, and school. Due to their work commitments, they may not be able to spend quality time with the child.
Mother Plaing With Her Children
These facts are in no way intended to discourage people. In fact, single parenting can be an overwhelming, yet joyful experience, provided you plan accordingly, set rules and limitations for your children, and most importantly, bring them up with all the necessary love, care, and affection!