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Scientific Toys - Educational Science Toys

Priya Johnson Nov 1, 2018
Children learn and grasp the most when learning is fun. Scientific and educational toys not only make learning fun, but also stimulate cognitive thinking and creativity. The market is flooded with educational science toys of all sorts, covering all kinds of subjects...
Children love to explore and discover stuff about themselves and the world around them. They enjoy playing, and this playtime forms a strong platform for learning. In fact, it is one of the crucial parts of child development.
Research reveals that all areas of child development are ameliorated during a child's playing activity. They play with a myriad of toys in their childhood and each toy has a different effect on them. Educational science toys are beneficial as they stimulate the child's thinking and promote learning by providing positive challenges.

Scientific Toys

Fizz Wizard Reaction Kit

This is an exciting educational toy, which allows children to conduct chemistry experiments, and then eat and drink them. The kit comprises magic color crystals, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, calcium acetate, sodium alginate, cups, spoons, stirrers and pipette. These substances are non-toxic and safe when used as per directions.
Children can prepare color-changing, foaming jelly products and study the chemistry involved behind them. Tasty gels can be drawn from solutions and fizzy color changing drinks can be made. Also, all this can be consumed! But, kids with food allergies must not use this kit. Adult supervision is required and this kit is advised for children 8 years & above.

Magnetic Skeleton Maze

This toy is great for schools, doctor's offices, home and travel. It comprises the human skeleton with tiny metal balls within it. A magnetic wand is available which is to be used to guide the metal balls from one end of the skeleton to another.
This toy is wonderful to educate children about the bones throughout the body and the circulatory system. At the pediatrician's clinic, it keeps the child occupied and less fussy.

Global Warming Science Kit

Global warming is a critical issue today. This kit enables children to understand the concept of global warming and its effects better. Using this kit, children can conduct experiments that model the wind, ocean currents, Earth's atmosphere, etc. This will help them understand the science involved in the Earth's climate system.
They can also conduct experiments involving carbon dioxide and greenhouse effect to examine the role of humans in global warming. The consequences of global warming can also be studied. This kit is for children above the age of 10.

Gum Making Kit

This kit excites children who are fond of colors, flavors and shapes. Children can set up taste tests, design their own customized gum, package it and even market it to friends and family. With this kit, children can become young food chemists and experiment with 15-20 flavor combinations to match their taste buds.
They will develop measuring skills and other chemistry talents, as they experiment with ingredients to prepare gum. This kit is recommended for children 8 years and older.

Space Shuttle Model Kit

This kit features a 7-inch replica of NASA's space shuttle, and even a detachable satellite! The space shuttle also includes an astronaut figurine. A stylish base also comes with the kit. This kit is wonderful to motivate children to become astronauts.

Toothpaste Kit

It's a great toy that promotes good habits. With this kit, kids can make their own tube of natural, pure, minty-fresh toothpaste. It comprises of dry toothpaste mix, natural peppermint flavor, vegetable glycerin, fillable toothpaste tube, toothbrush and mixing tool. They'll have fun preparing their own toothpaste, and brush their teeth longer and more often.

Glowing Gel Experiment Kit

This wonderful science kit enables children to understand the chemistry involved behind polymers, gels, phosphorescence and states of matter. Children can make strange substances that stretch, flow, break or even bounce. Gels which glow in the dark can also be made.
The kit comprises borax solution, guar gum, glow powder, white glue, eco foam, cups, stirrers and spoons. The ingredients are non-toxic, however, adult supervision is required. Recommended for children above the age of 10.

Detective Kit

This kit is a great way to learn about the actual techniques involved in identification of suspects and clue recording. This kit comprises fingerprint filing, collection cards, dusting powder, brush, ink pad, magnifying glass, plastic case and an instructional booklet.

Cat Science Kit

This kit enables children to separate cat facts from fiction, as it incorporates science with cat behavior. Tools are provided to perform fun experiments with cats, such as seeing colors that the cat sees, making catnip toys, finding out if cats can taste sweets and learning more about cat's personality.
The kit comprises glass frames, colored lenses, hoop, catnip and cloth for catnip treats, bowls for taste experiments, cat grass seed, personality assessment communication chart and guides to carry out the experiments.

Disgusting Science Kit

This kit enables children to grow their own friendly molds and germs. It even enables them to mix up a batch of coagulating fake blood. Stinky intestines can be made and the science behind unmentionable body functions can be understood by conducting some nasty experiments.
Questions such as what makes you pass gas? why do feet stink? etc. can be answered using this kit. It comprises natural substances like baking yeast, gelatin, sugar, guar gum, red food coloring, Valerian root powder, sodium tetraborate and rubber balloons.

Tornado Maker

Tornado maker is a wonderful means of educating children about tornadoes. The kit involves a storm chamber, which when filled with water results into formation of a liquid tornado. The mild tornado can be transformed into a ferocious one, at the touch of a button. Children can study the damage caused by tornadoes and learn about tornado safety.
It comprises a tornado maker, a storm cloud lid, a tractor model, pig and cow model and a manual. It is recommended for children 6 years and older.

GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab

GeoSafari digital recording lab is perfect for boys and girls bustling with energy and not knowing how to use it constructively. This digital lab captivates children with its circuit projects and sound experiments (59 projects). Its electronic parrot, voice recorder, voice alarm, robot voice feature, etc. instantly gain the attention of children.
This kit has real capacitors and resistors that teach children more about electronic devices and how to make circuits. Children can record their voices, change them, set up an alarm system and much more. The kit comes with a detailed instruction manual, that provides information about connecting the wires.

Cook it in a Cup!

Food chemistry is very fascinating and is fun because you can eat the outcome. This kit is perfect for kids who love chemistry and even for those who fear it. Food chemistry is the fun way of learning chemistry.
Moreover, kids are introduced to cooking and are given the opportunity to develop an interest in it. The silicone molds and recipe book help kids prepare yummy treats for friends and family.

Ant World

Children are fascinated by insects and what better gift than ant world. This fascinating kit is much more than a toy. It's the window to the world of ants. Kids can observe the daily routine of ants and learn a lot from it. Easy to install and maintain, ant world helps children see how ants build their homes, what they like to eat and even defend their kind.
These were some of the science toys for kids available in the market today. Several educational toys for infants and children are available, which not only increase the child's knowledge about the environment and human body, but also develop the child's problem solving skills, creativity and cognitive thinking.
These toys and games are wonderful means of educating children about their environment, body functions, and science.