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Ideas for Baby Showers With a Safari Theme

Mayuri Kulkarni Nov 23, 2018
Planning to have a safari themed baby shower? Read ahead to know how to plan one with this theme.
A baby shower is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. It's a function to pamper the to-be-mom and share her joy and happiness with friends and family members. The preparations include invitations, favors, food, games, etc.
Like any other party, you can arrange a baby shower that will move around a particular theme. This theme can be decided depending upon the likes and interests of the to-be-mom. Say if she loves Hollywood movies, then you can have a party based on the Hollywood theme.
In case she is adventurous and loves exploring the wilds, you can have a safari theme. While arranging a theme-based baby shower party, it is necessary that all the elements of the party are related to the theme. So, are you arranging one for your best friend with the safari theme? Then scroll down for some ideas.


First decide whether you want to print the baby shower invitations cards or make them by yourself. If it's a small family get together, make these cards at home.
But for a large crowd, it is always wise to design and print them. Since it is a safari theme, you need to portray different jungle elements in it. These days baby shower invitation templates are easily available on Internet and you can download one such template that suits your theme.
Find out beautiful templates that contain various jungle animals, like tiger, lion, giraffe, monkey, etc. You can have these animals wearing diapers on the card. Use simple yet sweet invitation wordings like, We invite you to celebrate the arrival of the King/Queen of the Jungle. Be ready with your binoculars and safari hats.


To bring in the mood of safari, decorate the party venue in jungle style. Use table clothes with animal drawings on them.
Place indoor plants in corners and decorate them with plastic green and brown vines. Hang some stuffed animal toys, like monkeys, birds, and other animals on these indoor plants. Ask the guests to bring some as well, and then put all these stuffed toys together at the center of a table.
You can also place all the gifts presented by the guests there, and cover them with a mosquito net. Also use other safari supplies, like binoculars and compasses, and place them on tables. Decorate the walls of the party venue by hanging various jungle maps.

Favors and Games

With a safari themed baby shower, you can have various creative party favors. You can give soaps in shape of animals. Or you can simply present the guests with stuffed animal toys.
You can also present some books that provide information on the jungle safari. Else give chocolates and candies wrapped in green and brown colors. Games like the scavenger hunt and name the baby animal name, make great games to be played at baby showers with this theme.


There is a large variety of foods that can be prepared for the baby shower. Tropical drinks, venison sandwiches, and cookies are some of the food items that can be served. The cookies served should be in different shapes of jungle animals.
For the cake, you can have a three or four-tier cake with pictures of various animals drawn on them. Even small cupcakes with icing of animal faces makes a good option.
So, if you are thinking of arranging a baby shower for your dear one, use the ideas given here along with innovative ideas of your own. All the Best!