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Problems An Only Child Can Totally Relate To

Problems An Only Child Can Relate To
Being an only child means being the center of attention to all the affection showered by your parents. There is no need to share toys with siblings, nor compromise on dividing your mom's cooked special dish with your brother(s) or sister(s). But it may not be so hunky-dory always, being an only child.
Rohan Kadu
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Only child eating sandwich
Peanut butter and jelly is like the older, more serious brother to egg salad sandwich. I’m an only child, so I eat both with incredible sadness. -- Jarod Kintz
Everything Being Handed Out on a Silver Platter
Child playing with father
Being an only child may lead to excessive pampering, which may hamper your progress to become more independent and responsible. For example, demanding and getting the latest video game only because it was owned by a peer. The damage done by this kind of pampering is felt in the long run, as you may always turn to your parents for whatever your needs may be.
Not Having a Sibling to Socialize With
Lonely child on playground
Playing with those toys all by yourself could be delightful. But, at the end of the day, sharing what you have with others leads to more happiness. Having a sibling, older or smaller, means you have someone close to share your thoughts and memories with. Sometimes, being an only child could be lonely.
Being in the Continuous Spotlight of Parental Supervision
Child rock climbing
Parents may put a lot of pressure to perform well academically as well as socially, as you are the only one they can pin their hopes upon. While this pressure may not be present directly, the child feels it through subliminal messages when exams are nearby, or when there is a social gathering. Parents tend to be over-protective of a single child, and may overwhelm them with attention.
Acting As a Judge When Your Parents Fight
Child amidst dispute of parents
When the parents of an only child get into an argument, the child is most often than not roped in as an arbiter to the fight.
Feeling Guilty About Moving Out
Teen moving out
Your parents have seen you run around in diapers, to the present moment where you are an ace at the sports club. They have tended to all your little whims and needs, and when the time comes to say adieu, they just can't face it. After all, you're their one and only.
Child Uses A Telescope On A Tree
Japanese Shichigosan Ceremony Child
Adorable Little Child On Carousel
Child in bed with pastel color pillows