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Playhouse Plans for Children

Madhura Pandit Nov 20, 2018
Playhouse - A perfect place for your children to have their own tea-parties and the perfect option to turn your backyard into a fun-filled zone. Read on to know more about it.
Rather than being just a play option, a playhouse is a place for children to develop qualities like independence and creativity. It gives flight to their imagination. Here, they can live in their own magical world and fantasies and have an imaginary world of 'home', 'family', and 'friends'.
Sometimes, they can be kings and queens or even can be brave knights and ladies. Kids can also pretend to cook in their tiny utensils in this house. Playhouse is a perfect abode for children to have an all-together different, imaginary life that they dream about.

Types of Playhouses

As playhouses are like doll houses, it is a general misconception that they are meant only for girls. Contrary to this belief, a variety of playhouses in the market, meant for boys as well. These include houses that come in shapes of spacecrafts, caves, tents, tree, etc.
Playhouses can be wooden, plastic, or even made out of canvas. Before buying one, parents should take into consideration their child's age. They should last long, and children should not outgrow them soon. After children grow up, playhouses can be used as storage sheds.
The effects of weather change should be considered while building an outdoor house. You should be mindful that the material used is not harmful for your children. Let your child take the final decision on buying the playhouse, as this way, he/she will feel attached to it.

Indoor Playhouses

These are smaller in size as compared to the outdoor ones, as they have to fit into a single room. Sometimes, you will find indoor playhouses made of cloth. They may even be large enough to contain beds, dressers, or desks.
Varieties include those modeled like spacecrafts, princess' cottages, or those based on Disney themes. Princess-themed playhouses are usually adored by little girls.

Outdoor Playhouses

These are life-sized. They are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and sturdy. Sometimes, they may come along with slides, swings, picnic table, etc. There may even be shades provided for storage.
A variety of designs are available in this category, viz. Victorian mansions, cottages, basic wooden playhouses, and firehouses. A tent like playhouse is a favorite amongst many children.

Cardboard/Canvas Playhouses

These playhouses can be easily built and also packed after use. Therefore, they do not occupy space at all.
As they are made of canvas, they provide ample opportunity for kids to design and paint in their own creative way. Besides, these playhouses are eco-friendly and can also be recycled. They can even be assembled at home.
Due to availability of a wide range of products, you are sure to find the one that suits your budget. Apart from the ready-made ones, you can create playhouse for your kids at home and that too at an affordable price.

Inexpensive Playhouses

➡ Big boxes of T.V. sets or refrigerators can be put together using an adhesive tape to make a playhouse. They can be painted with bright colors, designs, and pictures. These are quite simple to make. Moreover, they are cheap.
➡ There are also DIY kits available in the market containing step-by-step instructions on building playhouses at home. All you need is lumber and some basic tools like hammer, drill, etc. Sometimes, a video of the procedure may also be available with the kit, which makes your job a lot easier.
➡ Another option is to buy a used playhouse. Many parents tend to give away their kids' playhouses once the kids outgrow it. People may also give away the playhouse on shifting their residence. Hence, you get a ready-made playhouse and that too at a cheaper price.
➡ Parents may help kids personalize their playhouses with attractive name plates, pictures, etc. A variety of outdoor furniture is available in the market. Bright colors should be used as they help in creating a lively atmosphere. Parents should make sure that the creativity and wishes of their kids is given a top priority.
There is more scope for creativity in case of canvas or home-made playhouses. You will be surprised to see how imaginative and talented your kids are!
One of the many advantages of having a playhouse is that kids have a safe and personalized place to play, which can relieve the parents of lot of worries. It also gives them a feeling of freedom and a sense of accomplishment.
Children can also spend their time well and enjoy in their playhouses on rainy days. This way, children can be closer to nature and stay away from video games and television.

So, think over the ideas to get the perfect space for your kids that will be fun and also ensure their all-round growth.