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Important Playdate Dos and Don'ts Every Mom Should Know

Playdate Dos and Don'ts Every Mom Should Know
Parents get to know different people in someway or the other, but kids always stay around the same people and know no one other than their parents, schoolmates, neighbors, and relatives. For kids to get social and meet new kids their age, they should be taken for playdates. But it's the parent's (especially the mother's) responsibility to know about the dos and don'ts of playdates.
Puja More
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
A playdate is a great concept through which kids not only get time to play but also learn to make new friends and become social. For school-going kids, it's a good break from their studies and daily routine. The kids make new friends under their mother's observation, decreasing the risk of falling into bad company or adopting bad habits. But there are some playdate etiquette that the mothers should follow and ensure that their kid follows it too.
Follow the rules set by the host
When you are a guest, see to it that your child is well-mannered. May be your child has the habit of eating while roaming all around the living room , but the host likes to limit the eatables only to the dining area, ensure that your kid does the same. If the host is not interfering while the kids are playing, then even you should stay out of their matters until necessary (but keep an eye on your kid from a distance).
Get social
When you teach your kid to be social, you should follow it too. Get to know other moms when your kids are busy with their playmates. This will help you socialize with more parents. Also, invite them with their kids for a playdate at your place.
Teach your kids to be good with other kids
This is the duty of every mother. It's not necessary that every kid will play happily with others. There will be certain puppy fights among them. It is your duty as a mom to teach your kid to apologize if he/she is wrong. This is vital to being socially acceptable, and every mother definitely teaches this to her kid.
Remember the time limit
Specify the playdate time to two hours or so. If you are fairly close to the host, then there is no time rule for you, but if you are just a guest, then stick to the rules. Two hours are sufficient for the kids to play with each other before they start causing trouble. And one of the most important thing, the host has to clean the whole mess, and she cannot do it till you leave.
Invite the host for a playdate
If you go as a guest for a playdate, then have the courrtesy to invite the host and the other mothers for a playdate at your place. Don't be a guest every time, experience the joy of being the host too. Also, ask your child to invite the host and the other kids too.
Take necessary precautions
If the host allows the kids to play in the swimming pool, then don't forget to use a swim diaper for your kid. Though they are kids and they have all the right to mess things up, but as a parent, you must take precautions so that it doesn't become an issue for the host and other parents.
show grattitude towards the host
Of course, you will bid a goodbye to the host and thank her, but ask your kid to follow it too. Tell him to thank the host for inviting them and his friend for allowing him play with his toys.
Maintain cleanliness
If your child is a toddler, then he needs a change of diaper after every few hours. See to it that you use a fresh diaper while going, and if in case a change is needed, ask the host the appropriate place to change and dispose it properly.
Be a good host
Inviting a bunch of toddlers at your place for playing is not a handy task. Remember, it's a big responsibility. You need to be patient and prepared because they are kids, and it is bound to be chaotic. You need to stay calm even if they create a ruckus.
Don;t take your sick kid for a playdate
This is the first rule to follow. If your child is unwell, don't take him for a playdate. Sacrificing one day of play is better than putting the health of other kids at a risk. If you take your sick child on a playdate, the other mothers may express concern about their kids playing with yours. You can be your kid's friend to play for a day or two until he recovers.
Don't give expensive toys to play
If you are the playdate host, then make sure that you don't bring out the special or expensive toys for the kids. They are kids after all, they don't understand what's expensive and what's delicate, they just know how to play. If a toy breaks or gets damaged, then it's your loss because you can't even blame the child, and if you do, you will look like a bad host.
Be on time
Remember to follow the time. If you are late, the other kids will start playing before you reach the venue. Your kid will get less time to play as the other mothers will leave with their kids when their time is over. Be on time, this will also teach your kid to be punctual.
Don't forget your responsibility
Leaving your kid at his friend's place doesn't mean that he/she is the host's responsibility. Rather, ensure that your kid is getting along with the other kids and not making a fuss. If your child is old enough to be sent alone for a playdate, then see to it that you send him with enough behavioral instructions. If in case your kid is not quite good at sharing, then ensure that he tries to adjust with his friends.
Clean your mess before leaving
The host of the playdate is aware of the mess she will have clear after all the kids are done playing. But that doesn't mean that you just get up and leave once the kids are done playing. Offer to help her and also ask your child to tidy up his own stuff. Don't leave it to the host to clear up the mess, because someday you are going to be a host too.
A playdate is a great way for kids to socialize. Every parent should try to take an initiative to arrange it for their kids. This can also turn out to be a small picnic for the kids where they can enjoy themselves with new friends.