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Parenting Tips for Toddlers

Parenting Tips for Toddlers

Parenting is quite a challenging task. There is no formal guide to parenting and neither there exists a solution that fits all. However, to ease your pressure of being a new parent, here are a few parenting tips for toddlers.
Mukta Gaikwad
Every toddler has to be treated differently, as they all come with different set of tantrums and troubles. Though a toddler can drive you at your wits end, it is important that you keep a positive outlook to bring out the best in your child. Between the age of 2-3 your child is likely to experience a lot of emotional, intellectual, and social changes. This is the time when toddlers get introduced to the idea of socializing at day cares or in play groups. They begin to push their comfort zones and start exploring new places and people. Since it is their first time into the 'real world', as a parent, patience is the virtue that you need to learn. Here are a few more parenting tips, that will help you bring up a responsible and a happy child.

Tips for Effective Parenting

Bath Discipline
The fear of water which is especially seen during bath time is very common amongst toddlers. To get your child into bath discipline try out different things to allure him/her to the bathtub. For instance, toys, bubble baths, coloring agents, stories, music, and other such activities divert their attention from their fears. Ask your child to pick up his/her favorite toy and give it a bath. Gradually, your child will get friendly with bathroom gadgets, water, and the schedule. Another way of imbibing bathing disciple is to take baths with your child. Once your child gets used to taking a bath without tantrums, stick to the schedule.

Brushing Teeth
Getting your child to clean their teeth is by far the toughest parenting challenge. Let's accept most of us don't brush our teeth twice a day, even now. So, to put your toddler into this good habit it is important that you begin early. Once your child starts teething clean it with moist cloth. This way your child will get used to sleeping with a fresh breath and waking up with a fresh breath too. In the toddler's phase, to get your child to brush teeth, begin brushing with him/her. Take your child toothbrush shopping to pick out his/her favorite toothbrush with cartoon characters and other fancy stuff. Read out articles to your child about importance of brushing teeth and help him to understand oral hygiene through simple methods.

Biting Blues
Many children tend to bite in order to defend themselves. It is a way of showing their anger and frustration. Toddlers also bite to get attention. If you overreact to a situation like this, biting may worsen further. To teach your toddler that this behavior is unacceptable, monitor your child's behavior when he/she is in crowd. As your child begins to bite, defend yourself or get his/her attention, make an eye contact and say a loud and a firm 'NO'. It's important that you don't get down to teaching your child a lesson by biting him/her back, because it will send a message to the child that it is OK to hurt people to make your point. Praise your child, whenever he/she refrains from biting and vents out his/her anger by stating his/her emotion.

Sharing with Toys
In the initial stage, the concept of toys is very new for toddlers. This makes them hold on to it, projecting them to be selfish and possessive. The biggest mistake most parents make is confiscation of toys as toddlers refuse to share it. Give your child sometime and some credit. As they get used to playing with toys and their belongings, they will automatically begin to share.

These parenting tips for toddlers are very generalized. You may have to mend your way at times while dealing with your tiny tot. 'I am old, so I am right and you are young so you are wrong', is a policy that always fails while parenting your child. Work towards developing a strong bond disciplined by love and respect as your toddler grows up.
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