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Parenting a Teenage Daughter

Niharika Arya Nov 24, 2018
Parenting a teenager is as difficult as molding a pot without even touching it. As teenage is a different phase of life, excess restrictions and lack of understanding may hamper your daughter's future. Here are few suggestions which may guide you to raise your daughter.
Your daughter is your world and the relation you share with her is above all the relations in the world. But when she stepped into teenage, you started observing changes in her behavior. The way she responds to you, the way she dresses and the way she wants to live her life has become very different.
The things around her have now turned out to be only hers, her life, her friends, her school, everything just belongs to her. She no more gives you that much importance which she used to give before and she has become irritating and stubborn.
Though this sounds to be a difficult situation, you can raise your daughter easily by just taking care of a few important things.

Understanding Teenage Daughter

Teenage girls become difficult to raise because of their constantly changing mood. They become very moody and rude and want to live their life according to their ways.
It becomes very difficult for the parents to understand this situation and as a result of that, parents are usually confused about how to behave with them.
In such situations, a mother can play a very important role. She can become her best friend with whom she can discuss her problems, joys, sorrows or anything related to what is going wrong with her life.
As this is the period of puberty, daughters feel more comfortable with their mothers than fathers. Hence, it becomes necessary for a mother to take care of her teenage daughter.
Girls usually try to find someone who can understand them. This she can find in her friends, boyfriend, cousins, siblings, or may be in a mentor. She totally confides in him and tells him even her deepest secrets.
This bond becomes strong and whenever she gets time, she tries to talk to that person. As there are mental as well as physical changes at this age, a girl needs extra care and support.

Suggestions for Parents of Teenage Daughters

Parenting teen daughters may get tough at times, but it is very important for you to manage the situation. At this age, parents should be more supportive, patient, understanding and lovable. Following are some tips for parenting teenage girls.


Communication is the best way to understand each other. It is one of the most necessary and important tips for parenting teenagers. Try to communicate with your daughter as much as you can. Discuss everything with her and try to know what is going on in her mind.
Try to maintain a healthy conversation. If you quarrel, then communicate and sort it out instead of keeping quiet. Take her out for dinner or a walk and make things alright through communication.

Use the Right Words at the Right Time

One abusive word can make your daughter angry or sad. Do not use wrong words. Try to be polite. The use of right words at the right time during communication, can solve many problems.

Do Not Criticize

When your daughter makes a mistake, try to make her understand what her mistake was and tell her not to repeat it. If you shout, scold and criticize her for her very first mistake then neither will she understand nor will she be afraid to do it the next time.
While scolding, do not just blast over her, make things clear and then make her understand what you want to say. Try not to use abusive words as teenagers get hurt quite easily.

Listen to Her

Your daughter wants you to value her suggestions and opinions. To fulfill this, you need to listen to her. If you think her opinions and suggestions are not good enough and you do not want to implement them, then at least listen to her completely. Then give her the right option and convince her to do the right thing.

Strictness is Necessary Sometimes

Although you need to be her friend, you also need to be strict sometimes. Make her understand the importance of discipline. This does not mean that you should not give her freedom at all. Give her freedom but be strict where necessary.
Hopefully, we have helped you understand your daughter and her behavior better. Just follow the advice and tips given here for parenting teenagers. Make the relation between you and your daughter better and a more understanding one.