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Monkey-themed Baby Shower

Mamta Mule Sep 29, 2018
Planning monkey-themed baby shower? Kudos on thinking of such a great idea to have a party to celebrate this special news of arrival of that little one. Now that the theme has been decided, you will need help working all the elements around it. Look no further. You are in the right place.
The monkey theme is a great idea to opt for parties, especially those related to kids. Monkey-themed baby shower is very popular among kids. It adds to the fun element of the party and makes it even more lively. Follow these incredible tips to throw the best baby shower ever.


You can make one in the shape of a monkey or just the face of the animal. You can either draw it yourself or opt for clip arts.
A plain card with many small monkeys and bananas drawn on it, is also a good idea. The envelop must also essentially feature a monkey, such as one hanging from a tree.
If you fall short of ideas, you can buy funny invitations online and save a lot of time. Moreover, there is a huge variety available online to choose from.


You can get party supplies related to this theme in most craft shops. Soft toys are the best for decorations.
Get artificial tall plants to hang these soft toys, it will give an awesome look to the venue. Place monkey-shaped pen-stands and vases to highlight the theme.
Artificial or real bananas and popcorn filled in a decorative basket can make a classic centerpiece.
You can have teacups, saucers, balloons, wallpapers, stickers based on this theme.


Party favors can include monkey bean bags or some classic monkey sticker sets. Monkey-shaped vases can be one of the options if you are not on a tight budget.
Towels or kitchen aprons with the theme's motif can be another idea.


Monkey games need to be really fun-filled. You can arrange a banana eating contest, the most funny game that each guest will enjoy. Another game can be a banana peeling contest wherein each one has to peel a banana without using their hands. The one who peels the maximum number of bananas in the given time, wins the game.
The 'best monkey call' is another game which will make every one laugh and enjoy a lot. Each one must demonstrate his/ her best monkey call. So, when all of them are done, present the award to the squeakiest, funniest, and most real monkey call.

Balloon Monkey

Baby Socks

Monkey Rattle

These were just some ideas and suggestions. If you can think of and come up with other brilliant ideas of your own, get started with the preparations and surprise the would-be-mom and guests.