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Minnie Mouse-themed Baby Shower Ideas

Minnie Mouse-themed Baby Shower Ideas
Want a classic and fun theme for a baby shower? Try the Minnie Mouse theme, featuring the iconic Disney character with her huge bow and polka-dotted dress. This AptParenting article provides some great Minnie Mouse theme ideas for a great baby shower celebration.
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Did You Know?
Minnie Mouse's real name is Minerva Mouse.
We all know Minnie Mouse as the sweet, stylish, and totally adorable girlfriend of Mickey Mouse. With her polka-dotted dress and large bow, she is a classic Disney icon that we have all loved over the years. So, how about hosting a classic Disney baby shower for a mother-to-be who is expecting a little angel in her life very soon? Complete with personalized invitations, bright red and white polka-dotted decorations, gifts and favors, this baby shower ensures a fun time for the guest of honor and all the other guests. Moreover, if the mom-to-be is a Disney fan and loves Mickey Mouse and his friends, then this is the perfect baby shower theme for her.

The best part is that you get a wide range of color and d├ęcor options to choose from. Over the years, Minnie Mouse has been depicted differently, either with a red and white polka dotted dress and a bow or the pink version of this outfit. Sometimes, she is shown wearing a blue dress with yellow accessories. However, white and pink or white, red, and black are some of the popular color options for a Minnie Mouse theme. In this article, we provide some great ideas that will allow you to host the perfect Minnie Mouse-themed baby shower.
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Ideas
Minnie Mouse Invitations
Minnie Mouse Invitations
You have your guest list ready. Now, it is time to start sending personalized Minnie Mouse invitations to the guests. Choose a stylish and elegant red polka-dots invitation for the baby shower. Customize the wording according to your needs. There are many online sites such as etsy that allow you create personalized invitations. Just download the invitations, fill in the customizable fields, print them out on card stock, pop them into envelopes, and mail them, and voila, you are ready for some Minnie Mouse-inspired fun.
Decoration for the Minnie Mouse Baby Shower
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower
At the entrance, place a life-size Minnie Mylar balloon to welcome the guests. Decorate the party venue with a huge Minnie Mouse "BABY SHOWER" banner made of pink Minnie Mouse cutouts with big red polka-dotted bows. You can even have a banner saying "BABY GIRL" or ''IT'S A GIRL''. A great alternative to the traditional banner can be a cute baby banner with red letters and some little baby items such as pacifiers and newborn socks attached to it. You can also look for peel-and-stick Minnie Mouse wall decals along with some red and white polka-dot balloons to decorate the venue.

For the centerpiece, look for some innovative ideas such as flowers arranged in red Minnie Mouse boots, or a personalized red and white polka-dotted jug. What's more, once the party is over, you can even handout these colorful centerpieces as party favors.
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Food
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Food
Want the food to also complement the red and white polka dots Minnie Mouse theme? Try cupcakes in red polka-dotted cups with small Minnie Mouse cutouts on top, or enjoy a delicious strawberry panna cotta made with fresh cream and strawberries. You can serve some delicious cheesecake with red and white polka dots, or get a huge rose swirl cake. Cut out some Minnie Mouse sandwiches and fruits as well.

Decorate the food table with a polka-dotted table cover, Minnie Mouse tableware, pink, red, and white colorful pom-poms, and huge Minnie Mouse cutouts on the wall.
Minnie Mouse-inspired Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts
Choose gifts wisely for the mother-to-be. Instead of gifting a boring diaper bag with teddy bears and yellow ducks, opt for a stylish red diaper bag with a Minnie Mouse graphic, or a motif that appeals to your sense of style. Alternately, you can gift a cute bodysuit with the logo or graphic of your favorite cartoon fashionista. Include a cute baby hat with Minnie Mouse ears and bow, and booties with polka-dotted bows to complete your gift set. You can also gift Minnie Mouse play gyms, stuffed toys, or clothes from the official Disney store.
Minnie Mouse Party Favors
Minnie Mouse Party Favors
Cosmetic pouches, organic strawberry jam, or potted plants with Minnie Mouse logos can serve as perfect favors for this baby shower. Include printable Minnie "thank you" cards with these favors to add those finishing touches to a great themed baby shower.
This classic and cute baby shower is something that everyone will love. Ask the guests to dress up in Minnie-inspired outfits, and make sure that you have lots of fun while enjoying the special day for the soon-to-be mommy.