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Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Mar 12, 2019
Baby showers are thrown to welcome the arrival of your baby in this world. As a token of thanks, you would wish to gift your guests with something. This information will give you ideas on how to make your own baby shower favors.
Baby showers are celebrated to cheer and congratulate the expectant parents. They are also a fun way for family and friends to gather and have a great time catching up.
There are many themes that you can use for the baby shower. You can either plan an elaborate or a simple menu and choose the best cake design. One of the most important things in a baby shower is planning the favors for your guests.
The gift ideas have to be creative and innovative. You don't need to follow a set of rules to organize an enjoyable and successful baby shower. You can think of a theme that matches the personality of the mom-to-be or her most favorite thing. Similarly, the favors can be designed according to the theme or in an entirely different manner.


There are many ideas for favors that you can come up with as a token of appreciation for your friends. While making homemade favors, make something fancy and worthy for others. Make sure that the work is neat and creative. Here we have shared some of such ideas.

Personalized Soap

Try the homemade soap recipes and make your own personalized baby shower favors. Select a mold from the local crafts store and make different-shaped soaps. You can shape the soaps as ducks, teddy bears, and cartoon characters. You can also engrave your and your partner's name (your baby's name too, if you've come up with one) on the soaps.

Potted Plant

You can gift a potted plant to your guests. Choose the plants from your garden or get them from a nursery. Tie a ribbon around the pot that matches the theme color of your party.

Assorted Candies

Buy fancy baskets or boxes and fill them with various kinds of chocolates and candies. You can even pack the chocolates in a cellophane bag, tie it with ribbons, and add some baby charms to the decorations.

Cute Cookies

Bake some cookies in shapes of baby feet, baby bottles, rattles, or any other shape that matches a baby shower theme. Pack these in fancy bags or boxes.

Candle in Tulle

Wrap assorted or scented candles in tulle or decorate them with ribbons and other kinds of embellishments. You can choose candle colors that coordinate with your theme.

Hand Towels

Gift a pair of soft hand towels along with a baby charm. These hand towels can prove to be handy for your guests and will be well appreciated.
These were some pocket-friendly ideas that you can try for your baby shower favors. You can come up with many more unique ideas by using your creativity. Gift these favors with love and care, and your effort will be counted.