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Popular Types of Kids' Swimming Pools That Every Parent Must Know

Kids' Swimming Pools
Kids' swimming pools are an awesome retreat for the little ones. Here is an article that informs you about the different designs and ideas for installing the same.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Swimming pools are popular amongst people of all ages. A lot of us dream of having a cozy and private pool in our yard. Considering the amount of fun they can have playing in water, they are a huge hit amongst the kids too. However, there are a few concerns that parents have when it comes to purchasing them. First, it is commonly assumed that a pool is an expensive purchase, and second, it is quite difficult to maintain the same--both are misconceptions.
No matter which type of swimming pool you opt for, child safety should always be the top priority. You need to follow all the pool fencing laws that are brought out by your local governing bodies, and all the pool safety rules that are needed for water safety. You also need to make a few safety arrangements like emergency alarm, manual or automatic safety covers, pool fencing, ropes or floating lines (to differentiate between the deep and shallow water levels), hooks (Shepherd's crook), life rings for emergency, and telephone connection outside the pool. Additionally, a few fun things like water games, toys, and floats for kids can be purchased for their entertainment as well. You also need to arrange for a shower, and other essentials like sunscreen, cleaners, and chemicals that are required for pool maintenance.
Inflatable Pools
If you are in search of cheap options, then inflatable pools are the obvious choice. These pools also offer you a lot of convenience in quick time. Once their purpose has been served, you can simply compress them and store them for the next time you need them. They require minimal storage space, and are easy to get into shape with the help of a small hand pump. Inflatable pools are available in various designs and styles. Some of them come with built-in water toys, like blow-up slides, water sprays, sprinklers, and various other designs. However, make sure that the depth of the pool is suitable for your kid's age. You can also buy a spring pool, that takes on its shape as soon as you fill it with water.
Plastic Pools
These pools are durable and safer than the inflatable ones. Inflatable pools bear the risk of tearing and breaking down with the high intensity water activities that the kids might indulge in. These pools are available in various shapes, sizes, and patterns, and are especially recommended for toddlers and younger kids. Since they are made with hard plastic, they are pretty durable. However, some surveys state that these pools hold the risk of breaking down at the center, due to the aggressive impact of activities like jumping. Patterns in these type of pools are fairly basic, but some of them do come with a few attractive built-in features like slides or sprays.
Above Ground Pools
You can also install an above ground swimming pool for your kids. These are one of the best types of pools for kids who are aspiring swimmers, and are learning beginner techniques of competitive swimming. They come in various sizes and depths, which is the reason why they can also be installed for a combined pool time for kids and their parents. Along with enjoying and interacting with your kids, you can keep an eye on them for safety reasons. You can also select smaller-sized pools for young toddlers and infants. In which case, purchasing infant life jackets and other water safety gear is a must.
If you want to acquaint your little ones with swimming, then there is nothing better than installing a kids' pool at home. You can find out some fun pool games for kids and help them have a great time.