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Paid Jobs For 12-Year Olds

Neha Joshi Sep 26, 2018
Are you searching for some good jobs for 12-year olds that pay well and also give good experience? Right here they are.
If you are looking for some jobs that you can do this vacation, it's the best thing you have thought of. Vacations are always spent doing nothing, getting bored, and just lazing around the house all day long. Instead, working seems a much better option.
You get to try your hand at something new and get paid for it. Sounds good? It really is. The best part is that you engage yourself in something throughout the day and not just end up doing nothing. There are many jobs for teens today that pay good and give the kids some great experience.

5 Jobs for 12-year Olds that Pay Good Money

Help at a daycare and trust me, you can earn a lot. You don't have to actually run the daycare, but just be there and help the other staff. This might help you in future when you want to open your own daycare.
Finding a job here isn't that difficult. Just go around the neighborhood and make a list of all the daycare centers you find. One by one, ask for a job in every daycare and see if they are willing to take you in.
Charity starts at home and so does work. Instead of wasting your time searching for jobs outside, ask your parents to hire you to do household work.
There are many summer jobs for kids, but working from home has its advantages. Make a list of all the chores to be done everyday. Take help of your mom to do this. Tick the chores that you can do alone like car or dish washing, laundry, weeding, etc. Ask your parents to pay you for these chores every day. At the month end, count how much money you saved.
Start your own business as it is never too early to do so. Starting a lemonade stand is one of the oldest jobs for kids that pays well. If you open this stand outside a store or a multiplex, you will be earning a lot in one single day itself.
Another business idea would be to make crafts at home and sell them. One more such idea is to make cookies and sweets at home and sell them. If it's winter time, you're going to be in for some huge profit.
Work for the paper and earn some money and some experience. Have you ever given a thought to working for the local paper? It's one of the most rewarding jobs for 12-year olds. Start thinking about the different things you would like to write on.
Go out in the neighborhood and see what can you report to the paper. One of the best money making ideas for kids, isn't it? Organize events of social welfare and write articles for the age group you belong to. If you are good at drawing, you can also contribute pictures and cartoons. You call also organize drawing and essay competitions!
Provide a helping hand by babysitting and pet sitting. Ask around if anyone needs a babysitter or a pet sitter. Look for advertisements in the paper everyday.
There are a lot of people who need babysitters to take care of their kids at home, while they work. If you know anyone who was working as a babysitter, ask them if they know of any vacancies. Do the same if you are willing to be a pet sitter or a dog walker.
Now that you know all these jobs for 12-year olds, which one did you like the best? Choosing one of these jobs won't only pay you, but will also give you experience that will count a lot in the future. Best of Luck!