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Instructions for Disposable Diaper Cake

Priya Johnson Nov 25, 2018
Innovative disposable diaper cakes made from diapers form lovely centerpieces at baby showers, and make great gifts to would-be mothers. For those wondering how to make a disposable cake, keep reading ...
Baby showers are incomplete without a diaper cake centerpiece. It is an excellent gift for an expectant mother, and is also different from the conventional baby shower cakes. This is no ordinary cake and as the name suggests, it is a cake made from a collection of cloth or disposable baby diapers.
These diapers are stacked together to form one-, two-, or three-tiered cake. The tiers are adorned with cute baby products such as pacifiers, bibs, toys, milk bottles, baby socks, baby clothes, etc. Diaper cakes are the center of attention at any baby shower and add a personal touch to the whole event.

Things Required for Disposable Diaper Cakes

  • 60 diapers―cloth diapers or disposable ones, patterned or white
  • 6 large rubber bands
  • 35-60 small rubber bands
  • One large baby bottle (8 oz.) or baby lotion
  • One small (4 oz.) baby bottle
  • 1 inch wide ribbon
  • ¼ inch ribbon to tie the diaper rolls
  • Cake decorations―baby sock roses, baby confetti, artificial roses, etc.
  • Baby care items―baby towel, bibs, pacifiers, tiny stuffed toys, etc.
  • Plastic or cardboard cake platter

Step-by-step Instructions

Instructions for making this cake are extremely simple and easy to follow. Moreover, these cakes are a lot of fun to make. A three-tiered cake looks gorgeous, however, one can even go for a one- or two-tiered cake.
First tier: To build the first tier, one will require about 35 stage-1 diapers or newborn diapers. Take about 17 of the diapers, unfold them one at a time and roll them up tight again. The diaper should be rolled from the front to the back in a tight manner, then tied with a rubber band around its center to hold it in place.
These 17 diapers form the base layer for the cake. Next, take the plastic cake platter and place the large milk bottle or baby lotion at its center. Take 5-6 diapers and place them firmly around the bottle, and use the large rubber band to hold the entire ring of diapers around it.
For the second ring of the first tier, take the rest of the 11-12 diapers and place them around the first ring of diapers. Again use the large rubber band to hold the second ring in place. For the outermost ring of the diaper cake's first tier, take the rest of the 18-20 stage-1 diapers. The diapers have to be unfolded as before and tied tightly.
However, for this outer ring, one needs to use ¼ inch ribbon piece to tie the diapers around the middle, instead of the small rubber bands. Next, place them around the second ring using a 1 inch wide ribbon. Hold the third ring firmly around the other two rings, so as to form a circular shape.
Second Tier: The second tier will comprise only 2 rings of diapers and the procedure to make them remains the same. Since part of the baby lotion bottle will be sticking out of the first tier, place 5-6 diapers around it, holding them in place with the large rubber band.
This forms the first ring of the second tier. Another 11-12 diapers are placed around the first ring and are held in place using the 1 inch ribbon.
Third Tier: The third tier is to be prepared separately and then placed on the rest of the cake. Take the small 4 oz. baby bottle and place 5-6 diapers around it. Use the ribbon to hold the diapers in place. The third tier is ready to be placed onto the two earlier prepared tiers.
Cake Decoration: The three spectacular tiers for the diaper cake are ready to be adorned by the lovely baby items. The cute pacifiers, bibs, baby towel, etc., are to be placed between the folds of the diaper cake. The larger decorative baby care items can be tucked into the outer layer of the ribbon.
As per the baby shower theme, the decorations can be chosen. A stuffed animal can be placed to top the lovely disposable diaper cake. The sensational diaper cake is ready to bring a smile on the would-be mother's face.
The best part about disposable diaper cakes is that one can hide numerous tiny baby gifts in the folds of the cake. Then again, the tiers need not be confined to 3, one can even make up to 6 tiers, if one wishes to. These instructions are just guidelines to make this cake, however, you can get as creative as possible to make the cake as fancy as you want.