Benefits of Baby Sleep Sacks

Benefits of Baby Sleep Sacks
Infant sleep sacks are quite popular in Europe, where these tiny sleeping bags are used to keep the baby safe, warm and comfortable, while sleeping at night. Here, we dwell on the benefits of placing the baby in sleep sacks.
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Last Updated: Jul 2, 2018
Infant sleep sacks are closed, zipped, blanket-like sleepers, which allow the baby to have a warmer and safer sleep session.
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Baby sleeping bags were introduced in Europe almost two decades ago, and have become a necessity today for all European mothers. Today, they are known as infant sleep sacks in the UK. These sleep sacks are not like baby blankets, which are loose-laid on the baby.
In fact, these baby sleep sacks are worn by the baby like a garment, over the regular baby clothes. Once zipped, the sleep sack stays firmly around the baby's body. These baby sacks are wide at the bottom, giving ample space for free leg movement inside the sack.
Benefits of Baby Sleep Sacks
● Babies were usually wrapped in blankets at night and during their nap time. Little did parents know that blankets were capable of suffocating the baby, if he or she got tangled in them. Such accidents can be caused by any loose baby bedding, not necessarily blankets alone.
Baby sleep sacks are recommended over baby blankets, since this one piece garment prevents babies from rolling around in the crib and getting entangled in the bed linens.
● Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS is a leading cause of infant death between the age of one month to one year. Sleep sacks ensure baby safety, irrespective of how active they are during their rest period.
Babies stay safe all night, and do not get entangled in the blanket, thereby, eliminating the risk of the baby being suffocated. These baby sacks keep the baby's body warm, since unlike a blanket, it does not get loose and does not expose the baby to cold. No more wiggling out of the blanket at night!
● Infant sleep sacks come with Velcro straps to fasten the sack securely around the baby. Besides Velcro straps, the baby sack has armholes and a neck hole, to prevent the baby from sinking into the baby sack. In case of newborn babies, parents are advised to let their babies lie on their back instead of their tummies, so as to avoid airflow restrictions.
● Sleep sacks come with armholes to allow free air circulation. Toddler sleep sacks with arms must be avoided to prevent the risk of overheating. Full-sleeved sacks are closed from all sides and can overheat, which can be very harmful for infants and toddlers. Soft-quilted arms can have negative effects of rebreathing, if the baby's arm covers the mouth.
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● Once the baby is inside the sleep sack, there is no need for any additional blanket. Infant sleep sacks are made of a variety of fabrics. Parents often prefer a cotton sack, instead of the fleece or polar fleece, as the prior permits the skin to breathe and ventilate.
The filling is 100% flame-resistant polyester, with no flame-retardant additives. It is this polyester filling which allows the sleep sack to retain its shape, and will not allow the sack to twist around the baby's body. The sacks are easy to maintain and are machine washable.
● The sleep sack fabric comes in either summer or winter weight. Thus, one can choose the appropriate sleep sack for respective seasons. To know if the baby is too hot or cold, one should touch the baby's stomach or back. Due to the baby's immature circulation, the hands are often cold, so touching the hands to gauge the body temperature is not a good idea.
The room temperature in the baby nursery should be between 64°F and 68°F. Under these temperatures, a bodysuit and light pajamas under the baby sack is sufficient to keep the baby warm and comfortable.
This bag-like garment is designed for indoor use, rather than outdoors. They are designed to keep babies safe, warm and comfortable while sleeping. Make sure that the sleeping bag is small enough to prevent the baby from sinking into the bag. It must also be big enough to permit free leg movement inside the bag. These are great gifts for baby shower parties!