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Indoor Games for Preschoolers

Wondering how to engage your preschooler? Read the indoor games enlisted here to find out.
Mrunmayi Deo Nov 6, 2018
Very often, it happens that we want to go for a picnic with our little one mostly on weekends, but the weather spoils everything; may be too much of rains or too sunny. What to do know? As parents you might want to relax, but if you have a preschooler at home, he/she is not going to let you do that.
Preschoolers are difficult to handle and the best way to engage them is to play indoor games with them or indulge in activities like arts crafts and science activities to keep them occupied, wherein they will enjoy as well as learn. So, if you are running out of ideas, you have come at the right place.
Balloon Volleyball: Buy some balloons and empty your living room, so that you can play volleyball; your kid on one side and you on the other. This will keep you on your toes all the time!
Bean Bag Fun: We all own bean bags. The soft texture of it is ever so likable! What you can do is, play beanbag toss, balance or just play catch-n-throw with it.
Fish Ponds: It requires you to cut fish shapes of paper and then attach them to a paper clip, on which you can write fun activity as in "jog at a place", or "do jumping jacks" etc. and keep these fish in a pond (bowl).
Take a long stick with a string at one end. Attach a magnet towards the other end of the string and your child's fishing net is ready! Ask him/her to "go fishing"!
Hide and Seek: You surely know this one. You can hide yourself in places not to be seen easily at home and be found by your kids or vice versa! If your house is spacious enough you can go in for this. Take alternate turns with your kids, they enjoy playing this one!
Pillow Throws: It's like dodgeball played inside. Make your living room a bit spacious. Sit on your couch and ask your kid to run in between, while you try hitting him with the pillow. You will see your child giggling all the time.
Treasure Hunt: Hide their favorite cars, toys or books anywhere in the house and then tell them to find these. You can use the terms "hotter" and "colder" as in if he/she is closer to it, you can say "hotter" and if he/*she is away, "colder".
You can also make maps for them as hints. Treasure hunt is a very popular game and preschoolers love it.
Blindfold: It is played in one room. Tie a cloth to the eyes so as to disable the vision and be caught by the sound effects. Your entire family can participate in this one by taking alternate turns. It's a fun game where you can just fool around with your kids.
Red light/Green light: Make your child run, hop, dance when you say green light and tell him/her to stop as soon as you say red light.
Memory Game: Cut square cardboard pieces and draw different alphabets or shapes or fruit names on them. Place them in an order and let your kid observe it carefully. Then invert the cards and ask you child "what's where". You can test his memory by doing so.
Video Games: Kids love playing video games. Certain games can totally engross them and as parents, you will get a spare time to do any house hold work, if you want to.

Indoor Activities

Making Various Arts and Crafts

Tell your kid to make different toys or shapes from various crafts papers. This will be a learning process as well.
You can make a paper mache paste and let him/her make paper toys or boats or puppets from it. You can also tell him to make toys from clay. You can also teach origami. You can arrange competition between your child and his friends to make it a bit interesting and later give them gifts.


You can arrange a drawing competition by calling some of your child's friends and ask them to paint and draw pictures of their choice and then reward them with prizes or small gifts. This will encourage them.
You can also allow them to do wall painting. Preschoolers are good learners and love creativity!
You can play cards, puzzles, Sudoku or scrabble with them. You shouldn't run of games to play with your child now. So, pick one and have a great time!