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Mystical Indian Baby Names

Uttara Manohar Nov 20, 2018
Indian names have a rich, cultural backing behind each one. It's almost as if a story entwines each name as part of history or myth. Take a look at some Indian baby names if this culture fascinates you.
The naming ceremony of a child is a grand occasion in the Indian tradition, and it is not just the parents but also the family members who have a say in this process. Indian names include a lot of names of Gods worshiped in India.
Some of them are adjectives that have been used to describe the Gods. With the rising popularity of several celebrities, there is also a trend of naming children after popular celebrities be it movie stars, or the cricket players.

Indian Baby Boy Names

♦ Aditya - A beautiful name for your little boy, it signifies the Sun, and has its origins in the Sanskrit language. In the Rigveda, Adityas are the seven deities of the heaven.
♦ Adwait - A truly unique name that refers to non-duality or monism, it actually refers to a philosophical concept which considers that the devotee and God are one.

♦ Akshat - This indicates one who cannot be harmed. It also refers to the holy grains of rice that are offered to God in Hindu religious ceremonies.
♦ Amol - A wonderful name for your precious little boy, it means priceless, and has its roots in the Sanskrit word amola.

♦ Anant - Also used as Ananta, it means infinite and boundless.
♦ Chinmay - This stands for the one who is blissful or content.

♦ Dev - It is very popular to name your child after God. This is a Sanskrit word that refers to a class of Hindu deities. Ironically, Dev in Turkish means a giant.

♦ Gaurav - This means honor or respect in the Hindi language, and felicitation in Marathi.
♦ Ishan - This is another name that literally means the Northeast direction, but has its roots in the Sanskrit word eesh that means the invisible power that governs the Universe.

♦ Jayant - This means the one who is victorious.

♦ Kaushal - This means the one who is clever and skilled.
♦ Lalit - Originating from Sanskrit, it means charming, handsome, or beautiful.

♦ Mehul - This symbolizes rain. In addition to this, it is also the last name of a French opera composer, Etienne Mehul.

♦ Nihar - A very unique name, it means mist or dew.

♦ Om - This is a sacred syllable, which is placed at the beginning of several Hindu religious texts.
♦ Puneet - This means pure or sublime.

♦ Rohit - This is a very popular name. It was the name of King Harishchandra's son. In the marathi language, the word rohit refers to a flamingo bird.

♦ Rishabh - This refers to a Jain deity. It means the best or excellent.
♦ Sagar - This signifies the sea or the ocean. Sagar is also a place popularly known as the city of lakes, located in Madhya Pradesh, India.

♦ Sameer - This name is used in India as well as several Arab-speaking countries. Having its origins in the Sanskrit, the word sameer means a gust of wind or cool breeze. In Arabic the word refers to a lamp or guide.
♦ Shashank - This stands for the moon. Shashank Subramanyam is a famous Indian flutist.

♦ Tejas - It is the name of the God of speed, and is synonymous with fire and light. In addition to this, Tejas is also the code name for a microprocessor developed at Intel. It is also the Spanish pronunciation for Texas.

Indian Baby Girl Names:

♦ Abha - This means luster or shine. In addition to this, in the Bahai religion, it stands for Heaven.

♦ Archita - This is a word for one who is worshipped. There is a famous river by the same name in Romania.
♦ Ananya - It means one of a kind or unmatchable, or also stands for devoted to one God.

♦ Avani - This is a very beautiful name that symbolizes the earth. It is also a small village in Karnataka, which is famous for its temple of Goddess Sita.
♦ Charu - This name means beautiful and attractive. Originally, it is the name of a flower.

♦ Chinmayi - Having its origin in the Sanskrit word chinmay, it indicates someone who is blissful.
♦ Ila - The name of the daughter of Manu. It also finds a place in Samoan mythology, in which it refers to the first woman on Tutuila.

♦ Jiya - This ia a very short and sweet name, which means sweetheart.

♦ Karuna - This simply means compassion. Karuna is the Jain concept of love, which is summed up as wisdom tempered with compassion.
♦ Kareena - This signifies purity. This name belongs to one of the contemporary actresses in the Indian film industry, whose wax replica has been installed in Madame Tussauds museum.

♦ Lakshmi - This is the name of the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and luck.

♦ Madhura - This is a popular name, which simply means sweet.
♦ Meera - This is coined after a very famous saint, and devotee of Lord Krishna.

♦ Pooja - The word puja means a prayer or worship of God.

♦ Radha - She is the paramour of Lord Krishna. Regarded as a deity, she is worshiped as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

♦ Sarita - This name symbolizes a free-flowing river.
♦ Saumya - This name means gentle or mild. It has its origin in Sanskrit, and refers to the name of a year in the hindu Samavatsaras which are cycles of 60 years.

♦ Sudha - This is a word for sweet nectar.

♦ Sushmita - This indicates the one with a beautiful smile, and is also the name of a contemporary actress in India, who was crowned Miss Universe 1994.
♦ Uttara - This is the name of a star. Uttara was also the name of a princess in Mahabharata, who married Arjuna's son Abhimanyu.

♦ Vinaya - This symbolizes modesty.
Many times, some people in India have two names; one being the birth name, and the other the official name. Indian names are characteristically influenced by religion and caste, and frequently originate in mythology and epics.