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Importance of Hobbies for Children

Importance of Hobbies for Children

The actual significance of hobbies, in a child's life cannot be underestimated. Hobbies help mold personalities which are creative and self-sufficient, while giving them a sense of purpose and not while away their idle hours watching TV and surfing the web.
Rohini Mohan
There was a time when the only recreation children had, was to keep themselves physically and mentally active through outdoor games and indoor hobbies. What we see today is a large number of kids wasting their childhood playing video games and surfing the net, all day-all weeklong. There is no doubt that the Internet is a rich source of knowledge, nonetheless not everything in the web world is useful information.

Let's go a little further and simply state that there is a lot of things on the Internet which are not meant for children and they must be kept away from such influences. However, why put yourself in a situation wherein you have to monitor your child's every move while surfing the net, instead why not encourage them to pursue interesting hobbies.

Why Hobbies are Important for Children?

#1 Ignites Creativity
Hobbies, such as poetry and story writing, painting and sketching, clay modeling and pottery, help children use their creative abilities in order to make something unique. They use their imagination while doing these activities. They learn to think and visualize so as to come up with newer ideas. There is nothing creative about playing digital games at home and sitting on the couch all day. Instead kids must be encouraged to make up imaginary scenarios and create a game out of it, which they can play with their parents and friends at home or elsewhere.

#2 Instills a Sense of Achievement
When children use their imagination and skills, in order to create something, they feel a sense of achievement, which helps boost their confidence and morale. Parents must make it a point to praise them for their good work and encourage them to continue with their talent. Even small hobbies, such as collecting stamps, coins or matchbox covers, can go a long way in making them feel that they are doing a great job. Every new coin or stamp makes them feel proud about themselves and encourages them to try harder for the next finding. This instills the significance of hard work, patience and the feeling of success.

#3 Incites Intelligence
Hobbies help sharpen the intellectual abilities of children. Hobbies for kids, such as reading books, help increase their vocabulary and unravels the various styles of writing. A book takes time to finish, which thus helps them focus and concentrate on the plot or the message of the story. It helps to keep them occupied and not be troublesome or moody. Games such as arranging jigsaw puzzles, playing board games such as scrabble and chess help kids, think fast and efficiently. They are able to make wise decisions quickly and on their own merit. They begin with the crucial process of self-education and slowly learn to teach themselves through observation and practice. This helps them become independent and self-reliant, when making attempts to learn or do something new.

#4 Encourages Team Spirit
Indulging in hobbies such as participating in sports and other games, children learn to treat their team members and opponents with respect and kindness. They learn the many nuances of team spirit and leadership. They learn to not boast about their achievements and not look down upon the losing party. They learn to help others in need and come to their rescue during a match. At the same time they realize the significance of competition and try to do their best.

#5 Harnesses their Skills
What these children pick up as simple hobbies, develop into full-fledged skills in later years. These skills can become a source of income and they can make a livelihood through them. For instance, a child who has been trained in carpentry can use his or her skills so as to sell handmade furniture in some years. Or children who have always liked writing stories can get their own stories published as professional writers. It all depends on how talented and how skilled you are with your talents.

Apart from the above mentioned qualities, children learn the significance of time management and goal setting. Without which they would not be able to win competitions and excel in their work. Parents must encourage their children at a very tender age, and help them pursue hobbies which they are inclined towards. For example if your kid likes music, allow him or her to learn a musical instrument or go in for singing lessons. Similarly encourage children to participate in sports as these help them to be physically and mentally fit. The true importance of pursuing a hobby diligently, will be evident only once you watch your children develop along with their hobbies.
Boy learning wood carving
Boy Kicking a Soccer Ball