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How to Work from Home with a Baby

How to Work from Home with a Baby

Working from home with a baby can be difficult, but there are various ways in which you can make it easy. Let's see how!
Neha Joshi
There are a lot of mothers who want to work from home so that they can take care of their babies. Albeit taking care of a baby needs continuous attention, lot of efforts, and tremendous energy, there are women who want to work simultaneously. The good news is, with proper planning and a little help initially, you can work from home and take care of your little one. Of course, a lot depends on the kind of job you pick up too. It is advised that you take less stress, as your baby needs more of your energy and attention. Let's see how we can reduce your stress and increase your efficiency at work.


Know the Schedule
Write down your baby's schedule. If it's a newborn, it'll need feeding every few hours. Remember, as it grows older, its schedule will keep changing. This means you need to pick up a job that is flexible. Note down things like sleep timings, hours of sleep, meal timings, etc. After you are done with this time-table, you'll know how much time you can actually dedicate to your job. Don't forget to keep an hour or two solely for yourself.

Choose Right
If you have less time on your hands, choose something that has no deadline. Choose a company that wants your services according to your convenience and a company that will pay you directly in your account. You cannot step out after few days to collect the pay, can you? Understand in detail the kind of work you're expected to do. This will determine how much stress you're going to deal with.

Distribute Responsibilities
Distributing responsibilities in and around the house is very important if you want some time for yourself. Ask your husband to do his share of the work regularly, and not leave anything behind for you. Since you're taking care of the baby, he can perhaps help you a little in the kitchen or do the grocery shopping once in a while. If you have an older child, slowly teach him/her to be independent about small things. Continuously think of ways in which you can reduce your workload.

Hire Help
One of the best things you can do is hire domestic help. If this isn't a profitable option, you can hire a babysitter to work for you for at least a few hours everyday. Once you have someone to help you for a certain hours everyday, things become easier. If you hire a babysitter for say four hours every day, you have those four hours to work on anything you want. However, this option makes sense only and only if you're earning more than what you're doing now, even after paying the babysitter's fees.

Proper Set Up
Arrange the area of your work properly. Yes, sometimes it's just a laptop that you need. But then, deciding a place of work in the house can make things easier for you. Decide all the things that you're going to need while you are working and taking care of the baby simultaneously. Keep these nearby. Some of these might include the phone, the baby's diapers, some change of clothes, little food, etc. Basically, once you sit down for work, nothing should make you get up again.

If you plan well, you can almost work out anything. Working full-time can be a bad option in this situation, so it's better you limit yourself to part-time work.
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