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How to Protect Your Kids To Your Best Ability

Carol Evenson Sep 7, 2019
Protecting your kids from dangers and unwanted situations is of utmost importance. You need to take certain measures in order to ensure their safety and security when you are not around, or when they are out of the home alone.
Every parent wants to make sure their child is well protected. They take extra measures to monitor their children and know where and how they are at all times. These are some tips to help parents protect their children and make sure no harm comes to them.

Home Security

There are many different types of home security cameras. These cameras will allow a person to record what goes on at home and they will be able to see if someone is outside of the home. Many of the cameras can be accessed by smartphones.

Never Answer the Door

Children should never be asked to answer the door. Adults must answer the door after looking through a peephole or viewing the camera. An adult should never ask a child for help or ask if parents are around. A kid must know that it is not okay if anyone asks them to find a lost puppy.

Lock Everything

Keep doors locked at all times. Even when the family is home there is no reason to keep doors unlocked. While open windows may let in fresh air, they can also let in unwanted visitors. Keeping the home closed will keep unwanted people from entering the home and prevent small children from going outside the home.

Say No!

Many children are taught that they cannot say no to adults. There are some situations when a child needs to be taught that they can say no and mean it. If a child is asked to go somewhere with an unknown person, they can say no. If the child is touched in a wrong way they can tell their parents about it.

Internet Safety

The internet can be one of the most dangerous things for children. While there is a lot of helpful information that can be accessed on the internet there is also the possibility of a child getting into trouble and in danger. A parent needs to tell their child to never share personal information online.
Children should never give out their name, address, phone number, and other identifying information on the internet. People they may meet are often not who they seem. The friend they think they had made can be an adult looking to prey on a child.
The parent also needs to ensure that the child should never meet or go anywhere with someone they have met online. Parental controls can also be used to block or limit access to specific websites based on their content.

Make Noise

A child should know that if someone tries to grab them they should make as much noise as possible. A child should scream, look for things to throw, and twist and turn to get away. The noise will attract attention and this is something that a kidnapper does not want.
Even if they have a weapon the child should run. The noise of the weapon will get attention and even if they do fire it, they will more than likely miss.

No Names

Children may want to put their name on the outside of their backpack or wear their jersey in public. The name should be kept off of things that anyone can see. A stranger may try to call the child by name and pretend to be friends.
These are some ways that a parent can protect their child. In addition to talking to the child about dangers, the home must be kept safe and secure to offer additional protection to the family.