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How to Play with a Newborn

How to Play with a Newborn

When your child is still a baby, the best way to teach him things is to play games with him. For a new parent, learning to play with a newborn can be unnerving because you are unsure of what to do and what not to. We will tell you how to play with your bundle of joy.
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Have you ever wondered how infants learn? Well, most parents will tell you how they constantly spoke to and played with their child during the initial years. Studies have proven that playing is one of the best ways to promote overall development in babies. They learn to move, communicate, and understand the things around them when they play different games. As a parent, it is important that you learn to play with a newborn so that you can help him develop his latent skills and abilities.

Playing with Babies

After the first one month, when the baby spends most of his time seeming drowsy and sleeping, he will slowly start seeming more awake and will also start responding to stimuli. Infants tend to be more receptive after the first month and this is the perfect time to start playing with your kid. While playing with your newborn child, it is important to understand when the child is receptive to you and when it would be right to allow the baby to rest. Quiet and alert babies are more receptive and responsive than babies who are awake, active and overstimulated. Playing with your baby is one way to start his learning process and help him in his overall development. With time your child will become more receptive to your touch, your sound, and your appearance. There are many different games that you can play with your newborn to stimulate him. Given below is a list of many different games that you can play with your child.
  • Above your child's crib, hang a mobile with colorful extensions. You could also choose mobiles that have songs fed in. These could help in both visual and auditory development for your child.
  • Most infants are very receptive to sounds. In fact, several studies have been conducted on the benefits of music for babies. Pick CDs with soothing music or sing to your baby while swaying him. This can have a soothing effect on your kid.
  • All of us are familiar with the game of peekaboo. This is a great game to play with your child. Hide your face behind your hands and then show your baby your face again. Soon your baby will start responding when you show him your face.
  • If your baby is old enough to crawl, then place him at a distance from you and get him to crawl to you or to the sound of his favorite rattle. This is a great way of improving his skills at direction and also helping him develop his motor skills.
  • Give your babies different safe toys and objects to play with. Help him identify and explore things by touching them. This is a great way of making them more aware of their surroundings.
  • If you want to make your baby laugh with you or fascinate your infant, then try to make funny faces at your baby. Roll your eyes, stick out your tongue, wink, or just smile at your baby and see how amused he will look. In fact, he may also try to imitate you.
Other than this, ensure that you talk with your baby. This way you will make your child familiar with your voice. If he responds, then stop talking, listen to the baby, and then start talking again. This ensures that the baby knows that you are responding to him. Any toy that you use for the baby should be simple and easy to play with. Pick out toys in bright primary colors and exciting patterns. You could also choose to pick out options from the many educational toys for babies that are available in the market. Alternate the toys that your baby plays with every week so that he has new toys to be fascinated by. For a new parent, learning to play with a newborn can be both a frightening and exciting experience. There is always the worry that your child is not responding the way he should. Remember that no two babies respond in the same manner as every child grows at his own pace. As a parent, you need to remember that an infant's attention span does not last for more than two minutes. If your baby seems agitated or overactive, then maybe it is time for him to rest. Playing with your newborn can be a lot of fun and it is something that you as a parent will always enjoy.
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