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How to Make a Baby Car Seat Cover

How to Make a Baby Car Seat Cover
The write-up below gives you instructions on how to make a baby car seat cover at home.
Bhakti Satalkar
With babies on board, car seat covers tend to get dirty. It is always a good option to have a baby car seat in place, to save the covers from getting dirty. If you have looked around in the market and have found them to be expensive, you can learn how to make a baby car seat cover at home as well, which will be affordable for you. Very often, the ready-made ones do not fit well in the car seat. And this accessory is very essential for your baby's safety. Therefore, it is better to make it yourself.
It is not a difficult task to make the baby seat. Its advantage is that it can be removed and cleaned as and when needed.
Step I: The initial step is to measure the length and breadth of the seat and the backrest. You will have to add 10 - 12 inches to either of them. The extra fabric is required to completely cover the place.
Step II: The next step is to choose the fabric. Cotton and leather fabrics should be given top preference. Cotton allows the skin to breathe. The fabric can be washed and dried before re-use. Cotton ones must be washed once before you actually start sewing, as they shrink, and therefore, you will need to buy a little extra. It is easy to clean leather ones as well. Multiple colors can be used. But make sure the color matches with the upholstery of the car.
Step III: Next, you have to choose the pattern. It is advisable to draw the pattern on paper. If you make any mistakes on the fabric, the fabric might not be of any use. Once you have traced the pattern out, add 5 - 6 inches on either side and mark them on the paper. Now, join the marks on the paper and cut the paper. Be careful while doing so, as it will be used as a stencil on the fabric.
Step IV: Place the stencil on the fabric. Fold the fabric before you start tracing. I would suggest that you pin the stencil and the fabric together so that the tracing is done correctly. Leave the paper on the fabric and start cutting.
Step V: Its now time to actually 'stitch'. If you have a sewing machine, you can use it, or else you can stitch it with your hand. Start by stitching the border. Remember you will have to get the inside out of the cover. So, leave a small opening through which you can change the side. Change the side, and then stitch the remaining part.
Step VI: Now, cut an opening of 6 - 7 inches for the face of the baby, and stitch the borders of the newly-made square. Remember to make slits on the back for the car straps to pass through. The slits will have to be hemmed as well so that the fabric does not fray.
Step VII: Attach Velcro tape or elastic to the seat. Velcro tapes are recommended, as with usage, elastic loses its elasticity.
Step VIII: Attach elastic to the borders so that the baby can feel snug when inside.
After completing the process, you can get out your car with your baby on the seat.
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