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Ideal Tips on How to Get an Overtired Baby to Sleep

How to Get an Overtired Baby to Sleep
As young parents, getting an overtired baby to sleep is the most difficult thing to deal with, isn't it? When babies are exhausted, they find it very difficult to fall asleep. In order to bring the baby close to sleep, create a conducive environment that could soothe his/her nerves, and gradually lull him/her into a deep slumber.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby.
When you wake, you shall have cake,
And all the pretty little horses,
Blacks and bays, dapples and grays,
Go to sleepy little baby.

Your mother must have definitely sung this cute lullaby to you to make you sleep. Lullabies are an easy way to make a baby sleep, and have been a favorite among mothers to make their babies sleep. But for lullabies to work, you need to be a good singer, or have a soothing voice. Things could turn worse if you have a bad voice. And moreover, an overtired baby is very difficult to deal with. Your baby must have had a busy day with you, and this must have tired him/her. The common signs are, crying and irritation in the baby, wouldn't allow you to let him/her lie down, and the baby would just like to cling to you. So, if your little one is giving you trouble, use some simple tricks to make the baby sleep peacefully.
create a favorable environment for the kid
Create the Right Atmosphere
Dim the lights, put the curtains down, adjust the room temperature (preferably keep it cooler), get hold of your baby and sing a lullaby (tip: use some lullaby CD, put on the CD player on low volume). Dress your baby in light and comfortable clothing. This way, the perfect sleep atmosphere is created. The surrounding atmosphere also contributes a large way in disturbing the baby's sleep, so keep the sound levels in your house to a minimal.
put comfortable linen for the baby to sleep
Swaddling a baby is a trusted means to keep the baby warm and secure. It also helps the baby in its sleep. Make use of cotton and other comfortable fabric to make the swaddles. Some babies don't like to be swaddled, as they cannot move their hands out. Don't be forceful in keeping your baby in the swaddle, if he / she doesn't like it. Also make use of mosquito nets, so that the sleep of the baby is not disturbed.
massage and bathing help in getting a good sleep
Bath & Massage
To put a baby to sleep in the day time, give him / her a warm water bath. There is something with a warm water bath which induces sleep in babies. Give your baby a gentle baby oil massage after the bath. Massage has a soothing effect on a baby too. To massage your little one, make use of a good baby oil. Massage is relaxing, and has a soothing effect, which helps in inducing sleep. Don't use overly perfumed oils for the massage, as the smell might cause irritation
Other Tips
▶ Make use of the crib if your baby loves it. Cribs also play a role in inducing sleep in a baby.
▶ Keep everything on low volume. The sleep of some babies is disturbed at the slightest noise or disturbance.
▶ To deal with a crying baby, give him / her something to focus on. How about its favorite toy or a soft bear? This focus soothes the baby to sleep.
▶ Make sure that your baby is not hungry, and you have properly fed it. This is because sometimes hunger can be the reason he or she is crying.
With patience and the right techniques, the task surely becomes less moderate, if not easy. Don't let frustration take control over you. Create some wonderful memories with your child while making him/her sleep.