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How to Deal with Kids

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 22, 2018
Dealing with kids with patience is the toughest part of parenthood. The methods by which you take care of your child, determine the kind of a person he/she'll grow up to become. Here is some information regarding these methods.
Starting a family and raising children, is something that every couple dreams of. However, parenthood is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. Kids are innocent, have a mind of their own, and readily mold the way we want them to.
Their tremendous observation skills and tendency to imitate our behavior, requires us to be extremely careful while they are around. Patience is the most vital quality that a parent must possess. Proper child care is a must, if you want to instill good values in your kid. Incidences of child abuse can have devastating effects in the adult life of your child.


Kids That Do Not Listen

Such children are indeed very difficult to deal with. A kid, who does not listen to your sweet talks, nor responds to any kind of punishment, can be a cause of major frustration in your life.
If you have such a kid, then you'll have to adopt some novel ways to deal with this situation. Rewards work best for such kids. Tell your child that if he finishes his homework, or behaves like a good boy in front of the guests, then you'll let him watch his favorite cartoon, or give him his favorite sweet.
Keep your promise every time your kid behaves nicely. However, make sure that you are not making it a habit, otherwise your kid will expect rewards every time he does something good.

Kids with a Temper

Just like adults, children have their own reasons that infuriate them.
Getting angry is fine; just make sure your child vents out his anger in a proper way. Most importantly, be careful while expressing your own anger in front of your kids. Avoid any kind of abusive language or loud swearing in front of your kids. Kids have this tendency to pick up slang language really quickly.
If your child throws a tantrum at the drop of a hat, then beware, as it could be his own way to get things done. Learn to ignore his tantrums, and tell him that he will only get what he wants, if he asks politely. Teach them the use of 'please' and 'sorry'.

Kids Who Get Bored Easily

If you have kids who cannot focus on one thing for a long time and get bored easily, then engaging them in a new activity can be quite challenging. This is the right time to teach them the importance of 'accomplishment' in life. Tell them the importance of completing the task till its end.
The reward tricks also work in this case. Offer your child something he loves, every time he finishes a task. Find out the activities that he loves to do, and engage him in them for a long time. This will enable him to concentrate on his work for longer durations.
If your kid gets bored whenever you have visitors, or if you are visiting someone, make sure that you have something to engage him so that you can relax and have a good time.

Kids with Autism

Such children can put all your parenting skills to a test. However, if you learn the tact, then dealing with autistic kids may not be as challenging.
Find some autistic children activities for your child, if he/she has this disorder. You can also approach the self-help groups found by parents of autistic children for child support.

Kids on Drugs

If you find your teenager lurking in dark alleys with a bunch of hooligans, then it is definitely time for you to ring an alarm. Getting concerned about kids over drugs is alright, but make sure you express your concern in the right manner.
Yelling at them, threatening them, or asking them to leave the home is definitely not appreciated. It will make the matters worse, and spoil your child's future. Instead, make them understand the hazards of drugs in life, in the most loving manner. Tell him/her that making mistakes in life is acceptable, but repeating them is not.
Raising children is indeed challenging, but at the end, you'll be overjoyed to see your kid grown up into a loving and caring adult, just the way you wanted him/her to be.