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How to Build a Baby Crib

How to Build a Baby Crib
Preparing a crib for your little one could be an experience worth sharing. Constructing a baby crib is an activity that you would cherish for years to come.
Azmin Taraporewala
A baby crib is what one ought to figure first on the to-do list. Expectant mothers, with anxiety sprouting at every contour of their visage want the best for their soon to arrive VIP. Baby cribs make for an important requirement and should be picked up from a store that specializes in baby care and baby products. If however you are of the opinion of having your generous touch for everything that you are to shower your baby with; from sewing little booties to minuscule mittens, then why should creating a cradle be left far behind? Sounds interesting! Well, the activity is as interesting to execute as it sounds.
Building a Baby Crib with a Plan
Building a baby crib may require you to put in some effort, nevertheless, the result is worth the toil. Before you set out to buy the ingredients to making a full-fledged baby crib, it is imperative that you have a baby crib plan by your side. There are couples who find that building a crib from scratch could be all the more useful and helpful rather than assembling the crib parts picked from a reputed baby store. With baby crib plans, you are rest assured to find a plan that accommodates your pre-existing ideas and amalgamates with the technique that it has on offer for building the crib. This is so, because it becomes tough for the most efficient and skilled couples to sit to work and assemble the parts of the crib. You have to invest hours even if you have been an ambidextrous prodigy to assemble a cradle. On the other hand, if you lay hands on professional and the best baby crib plans, the task may be completed in a single go.
Constructing a Baby Crib
A step-by-step approach is capable of putting you at rest. A list of requirements is presented before you. Just slash the requirement once you have purchased it. We know that pregnancy is a crucial stage of life and we are here to make work simple and easy to handle.
To buy:
☺ Baby Crib Plan Manual
☺ Wood
☺ Mortise Machine
☺ Measuring tape
☺ Sandpaper
☺ Glue-pen
☺ Saw
To do:
What Would Wood Work be!
Narrow down on the type of wood that you are to use. You may either use hard wood or soft wood. However, when we want the best for the baby, no better than choosing mahogany hardwood!
☠ Make sure that the wood you choose can handle the antiques that your little one is bound to indulge, lest it is lazy one! The cradle has to be prepared for the worst jigs possible.
Chop the wood that you have purchased into six pieces. Be careful while you handle the saw. Now make sure and measure the cut wood bars with a measuring tape to have them measure up to 55 to 60 inches in length. More cutting coming your way! Chop off the bars that you just measured to be 55 to 60 inches into 11 inch wide bars and mount them one above the other with a glue-pen.
Producing Panels - Here's How!
Now lets us move on to dealing with the crib support panels. The supporting legs should be sturdy being no more than 4 inches wide and 4 to 5 inches in length. The security factor must be paid attention to. As far as the shape and overall design of the legs are concerned, you may put on your creative cap and tense them a bit to emerge with a brilliant idea oozing creativity. Now cut the other 55 inch bar to 50 inch in length, and this is how you derive two panels constituting the sides of the crib. When you have the panels ready you could make 15 thin strips of wood on each side. You may use your creativity, here as well.
Working Your Way with Mortise Machine
Now you have to cut out holes in the crib base. Make sure that you use the mortise machine carefully. When the mortises are done you may fix the strips into it with glue. Let it dry completely. With the remaining wood, make the end sides of the crib and attach them. Fix the legs of the crib as well to the rails of the crib. The rails have to be sturdy as the mattress for the baby will be placed on it and in the next few months, the baby on the mattress. Use nut bolts to attach the rail to the sides of the crib. They can be tightened and lowered as the baby grows.
Sanding the Crib
After the crib is partially ready, you may sand the wood with a sandpaper and apply varnish and paint the crib as per your liking. You may give it a rustic finish or may opt for a contemporary design. A second coat of paint or polish may be applied if you will, after the first coat has managed to dry itself well enough.
Final Touch for the Crib
A lovely soft mattress should be adorned on the rails after the crib is bone dry. Place a plastic cover and soft quilt over it. Embellish it with soft pillows and safe-to-play-with soft toys and a crib skirt.
With these instructions and tips embedded in the steps you are sure to make an adorable crib. You and the crib will be ready to welcome the baby and see to it grow, jump and kick around through the years.
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Rolled Sandpaper
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Mortise Machine
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