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How Does Uninvolved Parenting Affect a Child? Here's a Hands-On Guide

How Does Uninvolved Parenting Affect a Child?
Uninvolved or hands-off parenting makes a parent-child relationship quite knotty. The bonding then keeps getting tangled all the more as the time passes by. AptParenting tells you about the effects of the uninvolved parenting style on your kids.
Prachi Patkar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
❝At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.❞
― Jane D. Hull
Authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved are the four chief classifications of parenting. Each is different in its own way. Each has its own pros and cons. While the authoritative mode is considered to be the ideal style of nurturing, uninvolved parenting can render a child pretty helpless.

Our parents are our first teachers with whose help we climb the ladder of life. But imagine life without the guidance of our main teacher. Wouldn't it be difficult? Surely it would affect our lives to a considerable extent. This happens with many children whose parents are derelict to give them the time and care that they need. Often times, parents resort to uninvolved parenting because they were brought up that way, or are so engaged in their life (job/stress) that they seldom find time for their kids. This leads to an emotional trauma on the child, and further affects their physical and mental health.
Characteristics of the Uninvolved Parenting Style
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Some parents set no boundaries and offer no support to their kids. This is possibly because they are too busy to do so, or don't seem to care much about their kids. Their failure to supervise their conduct can make them feel secluded.

✦ In uninvolved parenting, the parents are detached from their children.
✦ Parents have no expectations from their child.
✦ Parents teach their kids how to live, but not how to survive.
✦ The parent-kids relationship is passive to a large extent.
✦ Although most parents provide their children with basic amenities such as house, food, and clothing, children often try to provide for themselves.
✦ Children often feel that their parents have other priorities over them.
✦ Parents don't realize the fact that this way of raising kids is faulty.
Effects of the Uninvolved Parenting Style on Kids
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When the parents constantly ignore the child to attend to other tasks, a sense of insecurity develops in the child's mind. This type of parenting is known to have a serious impact on the kid's life.

✦ When the child is brought up in a neglectful environment, he/she feels that ignoring others is the way to live. The child always prefers pulling away from social situations.
✦ Results in contradictory behavior in both, children as well as the parents.
✦ Lowers the confidence level of the kid. The child often experiences fear and anxiety.
✦ Constant ignorance from the parents brings about situations of truancy in the kids. An example of this can be absenteeism from school/work.
✦ Results in delinquency, juvenile crimes, drug/alcohol addiction, etc.
✦ This type of raising makes the child incapable of maintaining relationships.
✦ Results in resentful behavior from the children at school/workplace.
Examples of the Neglectful Parenting Style
✦ The kid comes home from school, and the parents don't offer any meal to the kid.
✦ The parents do not help the child in his studies and extracurricular activities. The child fares badly in exams. Parents neglect the child's scores.
✦ No recreation for the child, as the parents spend their time on activities of their choice, thus ignoring the child.
✦ Parents are busy in their conversation. Kid wants to go out to play. The parents merely ignore the child.
✦ The child fights with the neighbor's kid(s). The parents do not stop/shout at the child.
✦ Parents are busy with their office/job work. Thus, the child spends most of the time alone. This makes him feel lonely.
Tips to Overcome the Uninvolved Parenting Problem
✦ Children must be given enough time, not in terms of quantity, but quality. Being busy with a job can never justify the lack of attention and time given to kids.
✦ Always make it a point to listen to your kids before you begin speaking. Make them feel that you are their friend, not an enemy. Act as per what the situation demands.
✦ When the kid seems distressed, even a hug can be of great help. Remember, children need love and warmth.
✦ If you find it difficult to communicate with your child, perhaps a meal together will surely bridge the gap. Discuss your child's problems over the dinner table.
✦ Make the kids trust you in such a way that they will respect your decisions and share the smallest of their problems with you.
✦ At times, you are too busy to devote time to your loving kids. Give them the correct reason why you will not be available. Explain to them that this is a temporary phase, and assure them that you will be there as soon as possible.
Uninvolved parenting is dismissive in nature. It continues like a chain, as the ignored children grow up into insecure individuals. Dealing with children is an art. To some extent, parents need to be strict as well as friendly with their kids.
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