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How does Having a Child Change your Life

How does Having a Child Change your Life

Many expecting mothers want to know how does having a child change your life? The entry of a newborn in your life, changes it forever. There are so many new emotions and feelings that you are introduced to in one day. More on this, in the article below...
Neha Joshi
The role of being a mother and a father are created when you give birth to your first child. When you see that little one opening his eyes for the first time and looking at you, you know a lot has changed overnight. An expecting mother prepares herself for life after delivery, but trust me, the preparation is never enough. You can use all the parenting tips for newborns you can get your hands on, but having a child is one of the most special moments which is going to change everything, no matter what and how you prepare. A child changes your life forever, the day it is born. From your waking up time to the food you eat to the things you need to be aware of, everything changes. The father goes through many changes as well. Even the would-be fathers should read more on how having a child can change your life forever. His entire universe starts revolving around the newborn. Life is taken more seriously and more cautiously once the newborn enters your life. All this change, is for the good of course. Continue reading for some more interesting facts!

How Does Having a Baby Change your Life?

The Constant Company
In our lives, we are used to being in the company of some people and avoiding that company when we want to be with just ourselves. There are times when we want to be alone, away from all relationships for just a few days. Once you have a child, this becomes a dream. You have to be with the newborn every second of your life. Though this is something you are going to love, it's just a big change in your life. When your child is sleeping, you can perhaps leave for a minute or two but never more than that. The moment you hear the baby crying, nothing but your presence near the little one is going to make him stop crying. Like other things and people in life, you cannot ever ask your newborn to wait for a minute. Wherever you are, the baby stays with you.

The Feeling of Nurturing
Having a child changes your life forever, because of the feeling of nurturing. You have to nurture your child with so many things that sometimes, it's very overwhelming. You have to teach the child how to eat, how to walk, how to talk and also how to behave. For the first few years of his life, your child is only going to learn what you teach him. What means good to you, means good to him. What according to you is bad, is bad according to him too. If you teach him to drink milk with sugar, that is how he is going to drink it. You ask him to call you mom, that is precisely what he is going to call you. Taking care of a child, feeding him and being responsible for his growth, changes you completely as a person.

Seeing the Baby Grow
Teaching your baby what you need to is one thing. However, when you actually see the child learning and understanding, it changes your equations with the child completely. The first word your baby speaks, is going to be what you teach him. If you plant a sapling tomorrow and watch it grow everyday, you will be content with your efforts. With your own child, this feeling of satisfaction gets an altogether different meaning. When your child reacts to something you do or something you say, you start connecting with the little one in a way. This is the first relation your child understands, that of a mother and her child. When you watch your baby grow, you see a part of yourself grow outside your body. Nothing can compete with this feeling ever.

The Shift in Priorities
How does having a child change your life and routine? It changes like this. Before you become a parent, you have priorities in your life or rather you prioritize things and people in your life according to what you feel is appropriate. Once you become a parent, your first priority always remains your child and nothing in this world can change that. You cannot commit to anything or anyone before you make sure you have done everything you need to for your child. A mother cannot think of a job if her child isn't used to living without her. You cannot time any of your activities after the birth of your child. Any time, any second, your child might ask for you. Like the genie in a bottle, you will have to be there for him.

Completion of a Family
The day your child is born, your family is complete. From being just husband and wife, you now become parents to a child. This changing of your role brings with it a lot of changes. You have to, for your entire life, take care of a child now, bring up the child, educate him and attend to him whenever needed. In the process of forming and giving a direction to the life of another, your life itself has to go through tons of changes.

There are so many things that change once you have a child that it is impossible to list down every one of them. However, now since you know how does having a child change your life, you can be a little bit more prepared to experience parenthood. If you wish to, you can record all your experiences in a diary and share them with your child later on. You are going to see some awesome changes coming your way, once you have a child. Best of Luck!
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