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How Can You Help Your Wife Through Labor

How Can You Help Your Wife Through Labor

The role of a husband in caring for his wife during her labor days is undeniable. If you are unaware of the ways to care for your wife during these crucial days, keep reading through this article for some advice...
Hemangi Harankhedkar
The nearing of the little bundle of joy's arrival fills the parents-to-be with an unexplained feeling of excitement and anticipation. But the happiness is also accompanied by a tint of nervousness in the woman; because delivery is a difficult phase she has to pass. For a smooth experience, the mother-to-be herself is expected to be mentally strong, and the support of close ones especially of the husband cannot be ignored. He has an indirect but noteworthy role to play to make those nine months smooth and memorable for his wife. The help given in the coming paragraphs would help you understand your role as a husband better.

Helping Your Wife When She is in Labor

A pregnant woman undergoes many emotional and physical changes during her pregnancy that can make her feel stressed out and nervous. The labor stage is when the delivery time nears and it is in this stage that the woman experiences severe pain in the abdominal region and contractions among other signs of going into labor. Keep reading further.

Show Affection and Care
You can do a lot for your wife other than taking her to the hospital or calling all your relatives. During her pregnancy a wife expects care, trust, understanding and also mature behavior from her husband. Contractions during the labor make a woman experience unbearable and excruciating pain, and if you are at home she might have to be rushed to the doctor at any time. So feel for her and be inclined to help without any expectations. Once you are in the hospital waiting for the delivery, you should only be focused on the well-being of your wife and on the delivery proceedings. Don't speak on the phone for long hours except if it is for some urgent work. It's also advised that you should avoid talking with the hospital staff, especially with the female staff. Such behavior can make your wife feel you are taking the delivery proceedings too casually.

Maintain a Positive Frame of Mind
Your wife being in pain can talk negatively when in labor. And although you might also feel a little fearful inside, you should not show it on your face. Instead, be motivating and say that everything will be fine and normal after some time. You can talk about the things she likes to keep her cheerful throughout the time she is experiencing labor pain. Don't let negative thoughts take control of you and take efforts that she is smiling and is optimistic through the labor period.

When in the Labor Room
Being in the labor room with your wife can be a testing time for a man. When in the labor room when your wife is nearing to give birth to your baby, you should remain positive and motivating rather than feeling scared with the proceedings. Egg on your wife to remain calm and strong and also follow the doctor's instructions for you, if any. Don't chit chat and discuss other issues with the doctor when your wife is experiencing labor.

Other Tips...
  • You can do a lot more to help your wife through her labor. To make pregnancy an easy experience for your wife, try to keep her mood cheerful. Take her favorite things (clothes, her favorite photograph frame and the like) to the hospital. Doing so will convey to her that you can understand her pain and are taking the best efforts to make the delivery a smooth experience for her.
  • Women in pregnancy also have food cravings and satisfying these urges makes them feel better and happy. Look into it if she has any cravings and then satisfy them after consulting the doctor. Also, if you have kids she would not be able to take care of them. So taking care of your children during this period is also your responsibility.
  • If you are staying in the hospital for some time you can make the look of the hospital room comfy and home like for your spouse. An easy way to do it is by pasting posters that your wife likes on the wall, you can also put on her favorite music, this will only make her feel better.
  • Ideally you should be by the side of your wife until she delivers the baby and if you have some urgent work, you should make sure that she has someone beside her to take care of her.
  • Last but not least, make sure that she is following the instructions given by the doctor religiously. The doctor's advice may differ, but this is generally concerned about the exercises, meditation, time of massage, etc.,
Labor days are difficult for women and the role of their husbands during this period is very important. Moreover, you need to be extra cooperative and supportive if your wife is pregnant for the first time. Let her know that you are always there for her, she expects nothing more... All the best!
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