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Adorable Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces

Tilottama Chatterjee Oct 8, 2018
If you've been looking for homemade baby shower centerpieces, then let us look at some easy ways to make them.
A baby shower is an occasion that every mother-to-be looks forward to, a time for friends and family to show their love, support, and excitement at the arrival of a new life.
Homemade centerpieces may take more effort than ready-made options. If the mother-to-be knows whether it's a boy or a girl she'll be welcoming into the world, you can have a color themed shower - pink and blue are easy enough to work with; if not, you always have the option of combining both, or choosing a gender neutral buttery yellow, or minty green.

Floral Centerpieces

You could pick out the new mum's favorite blooms and use these as the focal point of each centerpiece, supplementing with additional coordinating flowers or fillers to add volume and depth.
There are a few points to keep in mind when you create a centerpiece though, (especially if they are to be replicated and placed on individual tables) and these are as follows:

● Always ensure that the height of the centerpiece is low enough to allow for easy eye contact and conversation across the table. It should not block the guests from seeing each other.
● Allow enough space around the centerpiece to ensure easy movement and the placement of crockery, cutlery, and glass ware.

● Ensure that the centerpiece is securely stationed and stable, to avoid any accidents.

Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are very popular and easy enough to make, ensure that the mum-to-be will actually be using every little bit of centerpiece.
You will need:

● About 50 disposable newborn baby diapers
● Clear rubber bands
● Curling ribbon or colored yarn
● 3 round cardboard bases; 12", 9", and 6"
● Strong core securing point - paper towel inner roll or similar
● Baby themed decoration of your choice

1) Begin by rolling up the baby diapers and securing them with the clear rubber bands. You can also use ribbon to tie them up and hold them in shape. Many diapers have pretty decorative patterns on the edges - you can choose to display these when you roll. Next, place the 12" cardboard base on a stable surface.
2) Place the core piece at center of the cardboard base, and secure with glue or double-sided tape.

3) Using this as center point, place diapers in a concentric circle around the core piece and secure with a ribbon. Continue with concentric circles till your base is covered (you should need about 3) and then tie a broad ribbon band around the outermost layer.
4) Place the 9'' cardboard base on top of this layer and secure it firmly to the lower core piece. If you feel the lower base is strong enough, you can do away with the cardboard and begin you next layer without a supporting base.
Construct the circle of diapers in the same manner taking care to ensure that you maintain the narrow upper tier effect, the tie another ribbon around the outer edge. Repeat this with the third and final layer.
5) Once the basic cake is assembled, you can use all sorts of things to decorate it - place a pair of baby booties on the top, maybe drape a baby blanket along one edge, or surround the base with little rubber ducks and toys. Have fun and be as creative as possible.

Other Ideas

Fill some glass bowls with colored stones or shells, then add water in it and float little baby bath toys in each. Intersperse some flowers in between for an unusual effect.
Bunches of helium balloons make for easy centerpieces - secure them to tables, or pin some to backs of chairs for instant party effect.
Stuffed animals are a really easy centerpiece option - place one on each table, and give each a little blanket or a baby bottle. If you've known the mum-to-be for a while, put together a scrap book of pictures or a baby gift basket perhaps, filled with little goodies for the newborn.