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Good Physical Activities for Children

Craig Middleton Nov 30, 2019
Whether your children are having trouble wanting to go outdoors, or you desire more time to spend as a family, it is important that they get enough exercise outside of school. Here are some simple ideas for ways that they can break a sweat.


If your children are young enough to be in car seats, you may want to look into purchasing a sidecar to attach to your bike, or a tandem bike that has spaces to put your children, so that you can all ride together. When your children are old enough to ride alongside you, try to plan routes that are easy enough for the whole family to ride.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Be sure to get the correct gear so that your children do not freeze when skiing, or snowboarding. For example, you may want to buy kids snow boots and parkas so that they will be warm. These types of clothing are good at keeping moisture out, so that they do not risk frostbite or hypothermia that will spoil their fun in the snow.


Soccer is a popular option for entertainment during downtime because it can be played almost anywhere. Your family can kick the ball around in the backyard or at the local park. If your children develop a passion for soccer, you can sign them up with a local soccer club where they can grow their skills and play competitively.

Family Walks

Taking walks with your family is an easy way to wind down from the day and to go over the highs and lows while getting a moderate amount of exercise. The best time to go for a walk with your family is after dinner, when a welcome boost of energy is needed and the weather is usually cooler during the spring and summer months.

Outdoor Chores

Teach your children responsibility while promoting an active lifestyle, try hiring them to complete chores outside the house, such as yard work, window washing, or mowing the lawn. When your children are on summer vacation or on a break from school for weekend, make a list of chores that can be done while paying them for incentive.