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Games to Play at a Baby Shower

Fun Games to Play at a Baby Shower That Guarantee Entertainment

There are quite a few games that can be played at a baby shower, that can make it a fun experience for you and your friends. Read this article to know which ones are they.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
One important aspect of planning a baby shower is deciding what games to play at it. Whether it is the mother planning it, or the friends, it is always a good idea to have an idea of easy games which can be played so that the people attending it do not get bored. Here are some ideas that you may want to try out.
Pin the Sperm
This is a comical modification of the popular party game, tail the cat. What you have to do is draw an ovary on a big chart. Hang this on a door or somewhere with a flat backdrop. Take a piece of wool and wrap it around drawing pins to represent sperm. Blindfold the participants, one at a time, and ask them to pin the sperm correctly on the ovary. The person with the closest pin wins.
Name Me
This is a fun game for men attending a baby shower. To test their baby knowledge and to prepare them for the little bundle of joy that is about to arrive. Place random baby items like nipples, bottles, diapers, blankets, pins, etc., in a basket. Blindfold each contestant and ask him to reach into the basket and remove only one item at a time, name it and describe how it is to be used. The person who names and describes the maximum number of items within the time limit, wins.
Bottoms Up
Go back to your bottle suckling days with this game. Fill a number of baby bottles (according to the number of guests) with a liquid like water or orange juice. Begin a timer for half a minute, and ask the contestants to begin drinking the water or juice, using the nipple of the bottle. The person who drinks the most within the allotted time, wins.
Candy Bar
This game tests your logic and quick thinking when it comes to babies. Make cards that have two sections. One for clues and one for answers. In the clues section, write down a clue that is related to babies or children or pregnancy, etc. The person playing has to use the clue to guess the name of a popular candy bar, which matches the clue. The person with the most correct answers can get a jar of candy as a prize.
How Big is Mummy's Tummy?
Give each guest some yarn. Ask them to tie the yarn into a knot so that the loop is of the approximate size that they believe is the pregnant lady's tummy. Measure all the pieces properly, and then measure the to-be-mummy's tummy. The guest with the closest guess wins this game!
So, did you see how many games can be played at a baby shower? Have fun at your shower. and God bless your little one who is about to arrive.
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