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Fishing Games for Kids

Are you fishing for some activities to keep your kids occupied? Check out the fun fishing game ideas here.
Medha Godbole Nov 1, 2018
Kids, especially in the age group of 5 to 12, have a lot of pent up energy and it is the responsibility of us adults to channelize it in a proper way. Ideally, we must try to keep them creatively occupied, either by themselves or through our participation. One of the good ways of doing this is by them involved in an engaging activity such as fishing.
While it's true that actual fishing can be dangerous for the little ones to try out alone, one can still introduce them to some fun fishing games to help them learn and enjoy this activity. Here are some virtual and real fishing games that you can enjoy with them.

Virtual Fishing Games

A number of great virtual fishing games are available today which can introduce the little one to the fine art of fishing from the safety of home.

Big Catch

This is a miniclip game with advanced features like 3D graphics. Miniclip is an online gaming website, where you can download and play this game. Big catch is a PC game, which educates and informs children about big species of fish like trout and bass.
To play this game, the player has to click once to cast the line out, then click and hold the mouse for reeling the line in. After that he has to wait for a fish to come towards the line, keeping the line steady, meanwhile, for reeling the fish in. It's one of the most detailed fishing games available online.

Shark Bait

This miniclip game can be really addictive! Shark Bait is played using a computer mouse, where the players have to guide the fishing hook with the help of the mouse to catch the biggest fish. The players have to be very quick, as the fisherman in the game needs to get his hunger level filled before he runs out of worms!

Wii Games

There are several amazing games fishing games available for the Nintendo Wii. This console has games like Rapala Tournament Fishing, Fishing Resort, Cocota Fishing Master. It uses Wii remote for recreating real life movements like casting, reeling and fighting against a fish.

Real Fishing Games

There is nothing better than actually going and catching a fish in freshwater. Taking your kids along for fishing on a weekend can be a fun and enjoyable experience for them. To keep them involved and entertained, you can play these games with your kids.

Fishing Points Game

This game is as interesting and fun, as it gets. You can pep up the sometimes monotonous act of fishing by deciding upon a certain number of points for each species of fish.
More points for rare species should be the rule. This is a fun activity, which also helps children learn about the various species of fish available locally.

Guess The Fish

Similar to Fishing Points, this game too is about guessing the species of the fish once it is hooked. Have the children guess the species and if they get it correct, award them with a goodie - a candy or a chocolate. To make it more interesting the kids could be explained the difference between different types of fish, that have been caught.
So go ahead and introduce these games to your kids. They'll definitely enjoy themselves, and at the same time, get to learn a few new and interesting things.