Fall Activities For Preschoolers to Inspire Their Exploring Minds

Fall Activities For Preschoolers
Autumn, or fall, is probably the most beautiful season of the year. The cool winds and the colorful, cheery atmosphere draws us after stormy weather has passed. In this pleasant weather, there's a lot that one can do before the bitter winters roll in.
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Last Updated: Jul 2, 2018
Fun Activity Ideas for Fall
Children Playing In Leaves
When autumn comes around, the best part of the season is the wonder of how trees change their pigmentation into wondrous tints. Along with admiring a view reminiscent of Eden, there are a ton of things that you can be a part of.
Outdoor Activities
One with Nature
Today kids aren't as overly active as they once were. Preschoolers may not have been introduced to the world of technology yet, (they already may have, who knows) so take advantage of their blissfully ignorant natures.
kids picking fresh apples
Arrange for a field trip to a produce farm and let them go ahead and pluck ripe fruit from their respective sources. It gives them a sense of which fruits are in season, where you could help them pronounce the name of the fruit as they pick them off from trees and such.
Petting Zoo
Happy family in nature
It can be rather hot, icky, mucky, or nippy during other times of the year to be outdoors for extended periods. Head outside during this time of the year to a zoo to let kids comfortably take in each animal's presence.
Boy feeding animals in zoo
You can also be assured that none of the kids will suffer from a heat stroke or leaky nose if caught in the bad weather for too long. Introduce them to many animals or better yet, remind them of the ones taught in class and let them identify them. A learning experience as a bonus.
Indoor Activities
Pumpkin Art
pumpkin painting
You can scoop out the gunk from within the pumpkin and present kids with a hollow one to work on. Use medium-sized ones so that kids don't find it heavy to move around or carry. They can decorate the pumpkins by painting over them with various colors.
Jack O Lantern Halloween Pumpkin
They can also glue pine cones, leaves, twigs, stickers or buttons onto the pumpkin to give it a unique character look. You could also have them draw a funny face on construction / chart paper and help them glue this onto the pumpkin's surface.
Leaf Mosaic
It's a fantastic indoor fall activitiy for kids. Collect a good portion of colorful fall leaves and place them in a big bowl. Now ask children to scrunch up these leaves with their hands.
Children can then carefully place the crushed leaves onto a sticky leaf drawing that's been previously prepped with a layer of glue, (a large outline of a maple leaf on A4 size sheets) to make a unique leaf mosaic.
Tracing Fun
For this fall activity you'll need maple leaves or any other kind, drawing paper, and crayons. Remember, real fall leaves can be fragile, so you can opt to purchase artificial ones from a crafts store.
Just lay the drawing paper over the leaf and then color over this with red, orange, and yellow crayons. The pattern from the leaf will transfer to the paper and form a beautiful fossil-like pattern. The cutouts can be strung together for a colorful class streamer.
Fall Tree
autumn leaves
Cut out leaf shapes from white chart paper. You can use either a real maple leaf to cut out its shape against the paper, or you could print this out and trace its outline before snipping around its circumference.
Once you have your leaf cutouts, fold the leaves in half right down the middle. Color only one half of the leaf with a poster-color mixture of yellow, red, orange, brown, and a little powdered glitter (gold) prior to applying it on the cutout.
Bring the two halves together, gently pressing and rubbing the two between your palms. Now open the leaf to reveal an abstract, glittery result like that of a maple leaf in the sun. Draw and cut out the outline of a tree trunk complete with branches (color accordingly).Glue the leaves around the branches, mimicking the look of a real tree upon completion.
Teach kids how to do this before letting them perform the activity on their own.