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Effects of Verbal Abuse on Children

Scars Forever! The Harmful Effects of Verbal Abuse on Children

As if school, tests, exams, results aren't enough to have the little ones' noses to grindstone, that frequent verbal abuse leaves them aghast and appalled. Read up to learn the long term effects of verbal abuse on children which, if not taken care of, can have serious consequences on their lives.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
... but how could he make those scars visible, that could never be seen with the naked eye? He's standing there, alongside the door sill, while his Dad spills out all the cuss words enough to break the little heart, and tear the soul apart. He pleads for help, not because he knows the meaning of those words, but because he knows the pain behind. Gone were those days when even words like 'you're useless' and 'I don't believe I gave birth to you' left him broken-hearted and helpless.
Today, you've implanted the fact in his mind that 'he's the worst thing that happened to you'. For every time you wished you never had him, he died a little inside. So much for that little soul to deal with? Such ill treatment to that little one just because it's hard for him to tame the lemons that life has thrown on him? Loathsome. Dismal. Wretched.
How on earth do you plan to lose your kid? I plead, not this way, at least. You see the self-worth vanishing, the stress surfacing, depression hovering, but the truth is, the child is developing a self-destructive behavior, and soon, you'll repent for the words you spoke, and the words you didn't. Flabbergasting, yes it is.
The effects of verbal insults on kids lead to frequent ups and downs in your kid's life, and if not taken care of, could lead to suicide. That said, if you're well-aware of the impact of verbal abuse on children, you may want to save the little soul from getting dragged into the rut, and evolve as a confident human being, able to frame a secure future. For those who're still incognizant of the effects that verbal abuse has on the little ones, the following words are no less than a rescuer to your child. Trust me.
Long-Term Effects of Verbal Insults on Children
Either parents have seen the same during their childhood that they're treating their children this way, or chances are, they're totally clueless about the positive, motivating ways of developing a child. Frequent usage of words like 'useless', 'curse', 'shameless', etc. make children believe that they hold true for their life, and that they're born this way.
Those negative things that they hear over time begin to take their toll on them, and they focus not on how they are, but on how they're supposed to be, just because their parents have told (read: forced) them to be. The truth is, parents have no right to hold their little ones responsible for the dire straits they've had in their life. Wounds heal over time, words stay in mind. Forever.
Insults. Bullying. Negativity. Swearing. Certainly, there isn't a scarceness of the sources of verbal abuse on children. However, the biggest impact of all is the same - lost emotional support. The life of kids is difficult, whether or not you accept it. They fight the adversities in school - wage a daily war with bullies in school, deal with the teachers, study for tests. At school too, children are victimized by insulting and humiliating teachers who leave no stone unturned in harming the students.
At home, they look forward to their mothers cooking their favorite meals, and fathers taking care of their basic needs and requirements. But when care turns into hostility, even if it's verbal, it seems to leave deep scars on the child's body and soul. What you give them is what you get in return. Children soon begin to display a lack of interest, affection towards parents, and in worst cases, start seeking solace elsewhere.
You know, the effects of verbal maltreatment on children chase them even when they grow up. While the circumstances leave the little ones reeling, the imbalance accompanies them throughout their life. The loss of power, inability to stay in a stable relationship, or ruin the existent relationships are some possibilities that could be a result of the lack of trust that they developed during childhood.
As a consequence, they start disbelieving every concerned person that comes their way in life, and become vulnerable to every pin and needle in life. What's even worse? They indulge in anti-social activities, experience lowered self-esteem, make life an enemy forever, and become a failure for eternity.
Just the very thought of my childhood makes me smile over the tears I cried, and shed a tear over the many smiles my loved ones spread for me. Heart bleeds to see the little ones battling with the cataclysm called life with immense difficulty, just because they have no family or friends to back them up when adversities rear their ugly heads.
The time spent during childhood stays with a child till the day he leaves the world. Don't ruin it with words you can't ever take back. Healing the scars of verbal abuse takes ages, and it takes a great deal of effort getting your child out of the groove, especially when he or she is completely convinced of their own worthlessness. Verbal abuse leaves no visible scars, but still marks the death of a living soul. Nope, not exaggerating.