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Ultimately Easy Ways to Make Money for Kids

Parashar Joshi Oct 8, 2018
Kids, one day, need to earn a living and what better way than to start early. Here are some efficient ways to make money, impart valuable lessons and the necessary skills to do the same.
Vacations are a time when most kids think of taking up summer jobs in an effort to pocket some extra dollars. Taking up small jobs or setting up a small business will enable kids to experience working with different people and teach them certain values and facts about the real world.
Rather than helping kids or children, parents should let them learn by themselves. Provide them with pointers or guidelines but do not carry out the task for them, this will hamper them when they start working independently as adults. What's more, such an endeavor will provide kids with some money to spend once they get older, or save for college.

Some Ways Through Which Kids Can Make Money

Here is a list of fun and easy ways to make money for all those youngsters and teenagers who wish to earn on their own, but are too young for a professional employment or job.

Delivery Services

All you need is a good bicycle and a strong pair of legs! Delivering newspapers, parcels, milk cartons, etc., are popular jobs among kids for over half a decade! These days, jobs like flower deliveries have become much more well-paying and wider in scope as well.
You can tie up with your local grocery stores, department stores, chemists, etc., and offer to provide home delivery services in your neighborhood. Pizza delivery, with the generous tips associated with it, is another fruitful option that you could consider during evenings.

Car Wash

You can do this on one particular day of the week (preferably a Sunday). You and a few friends could form a Sunday car wash group. Spread the word, post a few fliers in your locality and you could soon find yourself with a thick wad of cash on Sunday evenings!


First and foremost, you should consider this option only if you're thirteen and above. You could start by offering to babysit your neighbor's toddler for a couple of hours on Friday night while the parents go out for an evening movie.
Over a period of time, as you get comfortable with babysitting and handling young children, you could think of expanding your horizons by offering your babysitting services to a wider audience.

Lemonade Stall

Now this is not a 21st century idea by any stretch of the imagination. However, a glass of cool, refreshing lemonade is something that no one can do without, on a hot, sultry summer day. Therefore, it almost always translates into good business and even better money (provided you set up your lemonade stall in the right season!).

Lawn Mowing

Another popular and common money-making idea for youngsters, lawn mowing or lawn care can be done on weekends or on a fortnightly basis.
Typically, you could think of assisting senior citizens, single moms, elderly people, etc., in taking care of their lawns. However, you should make sure that you do not compromise on safety. Always be careful while handling a lawn mower as carelessness could lead to injuries.

Dog Walker

Many people own dogs but rarely have enough time to take them out for a walk. You could walk their dogs for them on a daily basis. Imagine 5 or 10 of such dog owners, throw in a couple of additional pet care activities, and what have you got? A generous amount of cash!

Computer Tuition

Chances of you being a youngster who is computer illiterate are remote (if you were, you wouldn't be reading this!). Despite the modern computer revolution, there still exist all around us, quite a few people who are illiterate with respect to computers and Internet.
In such cases, why not make good use of your skills and monetize them too? You could offer to teach basic computer and Internet fundamentals to such people in return for a small tuition fee or something similar.

Temporary Jobs

Many places offer part-time jobs or temporary jobs to youngsters and teenagers. Being an assistant in a library, grocery store, shopping mall, department store, etc., will give you work experience and also some money during vacations.

Gardening Services

Most people whose houses have spacious gardens, flower beds, lawns, ponds, water fountains have no time to care for them! You could provide services like weeding gardens, watering plants, cleaning ponds and fountains, trimming hedges, etc.

Snow Removal

This is a good moneymaking option for you during the winter. Driveways and pathways often need to be shoveled, in order to rid them of snow. You and a couple of friends could offer these services for all your neighborhood houses and in the process, make a killing!

Garage Sale

It's a very old and most-used idea, but there are always some people who are in need of things that you consider rubbish. A backyard or garage sale can help you get rid of all the unwanted stuff in your room and at the same time helps you earn some cash. Mom is happy (coz the room is cleaner without her nagging you!) and you are happy as well. :)
These can also work as ideas for summer jobs for teenagers. Always remember, maintaining a proper balance between studies and work is very important. Earning your own money as a youngster is a good thing, but if you start ignoring your academics, you may literally have to pay for it! (pun intended!).