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Fun Games And Activities for Drawing Conclusions

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 24, 2018
What are the drawing conclusions activities for kids? How do they help in developing analyzing power in kids? Here are some ideas.
Learning becomes more interesting when kids are allowed to analyze something and then, they come up with their own views regarding the objects they have been exposed to. Such activities are known as drawing conclusions activities.
It also helps in improving their concentration skills, and they develop the ability to judge things by their innate observation skills. It's also a type of mind game where kids utilize their senses to draw conclusion about the things presented to them. You can also start the activities in a much playful way at your home.

Activities for Kids

Engage your kids in this interesting activity by allowing them to play different types of educational games. Organize a competition by forming groups. Provide them with different types of educational toys and games from which they can draw conclusions or express their views regarding those.

Game 1

We all know that kids love painting, so let's begin with art. Present them different types of images ranging from landscapes, portraits, cartoons, animals, fruits, and other elements of nature.
Your kids will have some knowledge regarding the objects provided to them. Also hand them a piece of sheet, and ask them to note down their views about the paintings they are provided with. This way, they will first observe the picture, and then jot down the inference drawn.

Game 2

This activity is for drawing conclusions, that help develop hearing skills in children. You can read out a story to them that involves a detailed description about characters or the subject matter of the story.
Read the story twice or more if they fail to understand the first time. Once you have finished reading it out, allow them some time to recall what they have heard. Ask them to explain the story in a gist, and their own opinion about the script.
They will be able to answer correctly if they have listened carefully, or have paid complete attention while it was being narrated. You can also show them kids' movies for the same purpose.

Game 3

Boys will find this school activity more interesting than girls, as it's related to sports. Before starting the game, you can do a little bit of work by finding out the important details about famous sport persons
This will include their date of birth, place of birth, achievements, records, and a little about their lifestyle and hobbies. Now furnish the information to your kids, and let them take a quick glance at the information. Hide the information after that.
Now present the pictures to them, and allow them to draw conclusion about the individual person. If they remember all the necessary details, then your kid has a good memory. Thus, you can also judge their ability to grab things.

Game 4

This game will also help your kids to understand the different types of literary devices and grammar. For example, The day is cloudy and so children are asked to stay back at home.
From this sentence your kid will be able to draw the conclusion that, since the day is cloudy so it might rain and children are not allowed to got out as they might get wet in the rain.
Another example is, She loved her husband a lot, but her husband always ill treated her. In this line kids can put forth his/her view that the wife was loving and caring while her husband was an unkind and ruthless individual. This was also an example of indirect characterization and thus, your kids develop the ability to judge characters and human nature.
Apart from the lessons that they learn in schools, you can also organize such intellectual games at home to develop other skills. Thus, they play and learn simultaneously.