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Dollhouses for Toddlers

Provided here is a guide on how to buy a dollhouse.
Medha Godbole Nov 22, 2018
The chuckling and ringing laughter of babies and toddlers is priceless. You would give up everything in the world to retain the laughter on their lovely faces. Those tiny tots do not need anything out of the world to be happy. They just need their favorite toys and someone to play with them.
One of such toys is the dollhouse. These products are a great way to keep your little ones entertained as well as creatively engaged. Girls normally love them but all said and done, with a bit of care and few considerations, you could end up with a perfect toy for your kid.


One needs to consider the size of the inhabitants before deciding what scale of the dollhouse one wants to buy. The standard sizes available in the market are-1:6, 1:12, 1:16, 1:24, and 1:48.
For example, 1:6 means that the piece is one-sixth the size of a life-sized equivalent. In case there are no inhabitants, then, you need not care a lot about the size. Often, dollhouses which are tall run the risk of tripping, and the child could even take a chance of climbing it. So, as far as possible avoid buying taller ones.


The chosen piece should have a direct connection with your kid's age. Houses which have large and sturdy pieces are convenient for little hands. These are preferred for 3-year-olds and less. For those who are a bit older, you can choose slightly more intricate and ornamental pieces. Look for the warning and age limitations on the box before buying one.


The realistic appearance of the dollhouse is what is most appealing for kids. Therefore, while purchasing or before you purchase one, ensure that there are enough accessories to suit the scale of the piece. These include items like miniature furniture, decor, and plants. Ensure that there are no sharp or minute parts which can hurt the child.


The variety on offer is just enchanting. There is the 'My First Dollhouse', for babies aged between 9 - 24 months. Then you have a talking one, which is just adored by the kids in the age group of 3 - 6 years. It is recommended to buy a fully-assembled piece for a young child.

Best Dollhouses for Toddlers

Among the best ones, highly praised by parents, is the 'My First Dollhouse' by Fisher Price. Another good choice is Melissa and Doug. Deluxe wooden pieces are a good option as well. Amongst other brands, there are Pottery Barn Kids, Real Good Toys, PlanToys, KidKraft, and so on.
There is absolutely no dearth of different designs, intricacies and accessories for your beloved child's dollhouse. You can easily buy one considering the requirements and age of your kid. Just gift your little one a pretty dollhouse for his or her birthday or for Christmas and you would see his or her face light up with joy and happiness like never before!