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Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouse Furniture

A child's happiness can be doubled when her dollhouse is done up with tiny pieces of furniture. You could either help her make the dollhouse furniture at home, or buy it from the market.
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Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
House Of Plasticine
Every year, kids write a letter to Santa, telling what present they'd like for Christmas. Has your kid finally made up her mind? So, she has mentioned a BIG dollhouse in her letter? How about giving her a surprise? You can not only buy the toy house, but also help her furnish it with miniature fixtures. Here's how to do that.
Building Kits

Building these kits is simple. These kits are available in the market, and come with instructions on how to assemble them.

  1. After buying the kit, you need to assemble the pieces of furniture. Some kits contain pre-cut wooden pieces that need to be fitted or glued together.
  2. To give them the finished look, you need to apply a coat of wood stain or paint. If your kit does not include the wood stain, you can buy it from any craft store.
  3. Once this is done, you can attach the accessories. These include small parts like the handles for the dresser drawers, knobs for the wardrobe doors, and keyholes for chests and trunks.
  4. Now that you have done all this, it's time to place the furniture in the dollhouse. Let's leave that for the young lady to decide!
Making Dollhouse Furniture At Home
It is possible to make customized, inexpensive furniture, using items found at home. There are a variety of things that can be created using containers, lids, empty boxes, and scraps of fabric.
Dollhouse Furniture in Various Rooms
Empty cheese boxes can be turned upside down to make large dollhouse beds. Use a layer of batting to make a mattress, and cover it with a piece of fabric. Use glue to stick them together. Make a headboard, using 4¾ inch craft sticks. Collect and paint enough sticks to cover the width of the bed, horizontally and vertically. Use wood glue to stick the pieces together, let them dry, and then, attach them to the bed.
Use the little plastic stands placed on the pizza to make dollhouse tables. Use tiny scraps of fabric as tablecloths, or leave them just like that.
Doll in Chair
Curtains and Rugs
Curtains and rugs are easy to make with small crocheted doilies. Use narrow satin ribbons to fill in the larger holes. You could also use these doilies for small throw rugs. If you want the entire room to have the same feel, gather and tie doilies to small dowel rods with the help of narrow satin ribbons, to create curtains.
Matchboxes can be used extensively to make good dollhouse furniture. To make a chest of drawers, all you need to do is glue matchboxes together, depending on the size of the chest. After the glue has dried, paint the drawers with acrylic craft paint or wood grain contact paper. Use colored beads as knobs.
Trash Cans
Use the lids of narrow hairspray cans for this purpose. To make them look beautiful and real, add crumpled paper.
Use photographs or pictures from comics and magazines to decorate the walls of your dollhouse. To frame a small photograph, split craft sticks in half, and trim them with a small hacksaw or emery board. Glue them together, and paint them. After the glue dries, attach a picture to the back with small strips of masking tape.
Hence, you would understand that there's no dearth of ideas, or limitations to getting creative when it comes to building dollhouse furniture. It is merely child's play. Involve your kids, and make it a fun activity for them.