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Deciding to be a Stay-at-home Mom

Deciding to be a Stay-at-home Mom

Deciding to be a stay-at-home mom requires a lot of understanding, sacrifice, and patience. Read the AptParenting article to know what all it takes to make this decisions.
Sheetal Mandora
A mother's instincts will always empower any decisions she makes in her life. Her desire to nurture her children and care for the family will never be overlooked. Of course, making a drastic switch can be a tough decision, as there are many things you need to consider. Your decision doesn't just affect how you lead your life, but also of your family's. Basically, everything pretty much boils down to the various financial responsibilities towards the entire family.

Matters to Consider

Financial Situation after Quitting Job
Before making any decisions, you and your spouse will have to sit down and go over the current financial situation, and a projected one after you've quit your job. Perhaps scaling back on personal expenses can be manageable for some while. But do monitor and write down all the spending done in an entire month. This will include utilities bill, groceries, debt payments, daycare and shopping (holidays and birthdays) expenses, and other costs around the house. It is essential that you set up a budget for each month and follow it religiously.

Personality at Home as Compared to Work
Your entire day's schedule will depend on your spouse and kids; you will have to work around their timings in order to finish the chores in and outside the house. Plus, being around the kids all the time may even make you want to have some alone time; if only for a couple of hours. Of course, there are certain challenges that you may need to overcome, but with time, you will learn how to balance everything out.

Passion Towards Your Career
It takes a lot of maturity, discipline, and patience to overcome the need to not constantly wish you were at work. All you need to remember is that this decision, of staying home for your family, is the best one you'll ever make.

Ways to Make it Work
  • Be proud in your decision. Giving up professional growth and financial freedom for the sake of your children is a big deal. You are leaving a lot behind in order to be an active and stable part of their lives.
  • Financially, there may be a few issues to deal with in terms of saving money. If you have the time, look into a few ways of making money from home.
  • Sometimes, you too may require a break from the house chores. In such a case, why not have a girls day out with your friends? As your kids will get older and more independent, you would find more and more time for yourself, which is required as you too should enjoy some time.
  • Organizing and mapping out a routine in your life might keep you sane. Make calendars for appointments with doctor, dentist, PTA meetings and a perpetual one with birthdays and anniversaries. This will give you something to do, besides chores and keep kids on their schedule.
  • Besides being a work at home mom, find something creative to do. There are tons of fun things to do when you're bored or don't have much to do at home (writing on blogs, gardening, swimming, painting, sculpting, exercising, and much more).
When it comes to making the final decision about being a stay-at-home mother, the world somehow seems ready to dish out their opinions. But the only people who can make the final choice are you and your spouse (partner). For many, the answer could be very easy, but I can understand how difficult it must be for some of you. Even though I am not a mother yet, I would see my mother (everyday), unhappy at times with her decision to go back to work. A mother's heart will always be torn between her responsibilities towards her children and her obligations towards providing them with a safer future.
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