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Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

There are many creative and innovative ways to announce a pregnancy. This article provides some tips that you can use to create the desired impact for your husband, your family members, and your friends, and make the occasion very memorable.
Rahul Thadani
Pregnancy is a big step in a woman's and in a couple's life, and utilizing some creative ways to announce it can greatly enhance the joyousness of the moment. Conceiving a baby is something that a couple embraces with complete happiness, and as soon as it is known that the lady is pregnant, things instantly begin to change. Pretty soon, there is stress involved as well, but that does not diminish the happiness of the occasion in any way.

With the announcement of pregnancy, a woman can really catch her husband and other family members off guard and surprise them greatly. To receive such wonderful news is good enough, but announcing it in a positive and bold way can somehow enhance the effect of the occasion.

Surprise Your Husband
The husband is the most important person in a pregnant woman's life, and even though he does not share the physical discomfort of the ordeal, he is completely involved in the entire process. Some husbands have an inherent fear of fatherhood, so breaking the news in a gentle and light manner can soften its intensity to a certain extent.
  • Get a T-shirt printed with a message that talks about how he's going to become a dad soon. Think of some hilarious line to print on it.
  • Ask your husband if he can take a few weeks off work in about 9 months time, so that you can head for a vacation to the local hospital.
  • Ask your husband if he'll be okay if you bloat up in the next nine months or so, have unnatural urges to eat, and have irregular and erratic mood swings.
  • Make a home video that chronicles your time together, and end it with a message about your soon-to-be-arriving baby.
  • The simplest thing to do would be to take him out for a romantic dinner and break the big news to him there.
For the Family
Once you have given your husband the big news, it is time to spread the joy to other members of the family. You and your husband can decide who you want to tell first, and how you intend to tell them. Given below are some ideas that you can use to break the news to your parents and other family members.
  • Organize a family dinner and announce it there in a fun and innovative way. Offer a toast to the new expected addition to the family.
  • Send a card or a letter to your parents addressing them as grandparents. If it is their birthday or some other happy occasion, wish the new grandparents publicly and lavishly.
  • You can alternately choose to give everyone an updated version of the new family tree, with the position of the new expected member highlighted.
  • You can also record a new voice-mail message that says you are currently out buying clothes and toys for the new baby that is due.
  • Another way is to get everyone together for a family picture, and just before you are about to click it, shout out that you're pregnant. The picture will be a priceless one.
The best way to tell your grandparents will have to be loud, shocking, and direct. Let them feel the intensity of the situation, and show them how thrilled you are at the prospect of welcoming a new member to the family.

To Close Friends
Your friends are the people who you can turn to for help if you face some problems during pregnancy. The way you inform them is also very important, as they will also be extremely thrilled once you have broken the news to them. Given below are some creative ways to announce the big news to your close friends.
  • Call your friends over for a meal, and litter the house with baby stuff like diapers, toys, and rattles. Leave some baby magazines in the bathroom as well, and they are sure to get the hint soon enough.
  • Send a picture message to all your friends of the ultrasound picture of your baby. Mention no other words, and let them figure it out for themselves.
  • Social networking is immensely popular, and you can use it as a great medium to inform your friends.
  • Cook a bunch of cookies or brownies based on a baby theme. Use light shades of blue and pink to get the message across.
  • Call your friends over for a movie marathon and play all baby movies until they get curious enough to ask what's going on.
Maternity is a great step and it needs to be shared with loved ones from all corners of the world. You can make the declaration fun and memorable. By doing so, you can ensure that you yourself and everyone else involved has a great time.
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