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How to Make a Custom Barbie in 6 Simple Steps

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 2, 2019
Have you ever tried to create your own Barbie? If your answer is no, learn how to do so from the following step-by-step guide.
Barbie dolls are the most attractive dolls for the female folks. They look gorgeous with attractive apparels and have a perfect feminine built. Barbie dolls are famous for their attires perfectly matching a particular theme.
If you are not satisfied with the on-the-shelf standard Barbies, try innovative ways to create your own Barbie.
Step 1: Choose a theme for the Barbie, like wedding day Barbie, winter Barbie, summer Barbie, beach Barbie, or queen Barbie.
Gather the desired materials for the dress and hair according to the theme, along with other accessories like jewelry, footwear, hair bands, etc.
Step 2: Buy the framework of the doll from doll stores or use your old dolls for practice.
Step 3: Cut and design the dress for your Barbie. Your summer Barbie might wear a short skirt with a short sleeve blouse. You can also give an ideal summer look with a floral low-back mini frock. Choose light shades like yellow, pink, sky, white for a perfect summer get up.
For winter dresses, choose an outfit that runs long. It can be a velvet fur coat or a stylish leather jacket with tight jeans. A wedding day Barbie must have a gorgeous showy attire like silken gowns with decorative accessories.
Step 4: Select the right hair style for your Barbie. Though long hair suits all themes and costumes, you can try out different styles for hair like loose curls and perms for wedding Barbie.
For summer Barbie, hair tied in a bun or pony with fringes in front and hair till neck looks pretty. Smooth long silky hair will go perfectly with the winter theme.
Step 5: Choose the right footwear for your Barbie. Barbie on her wedding day will look best with white or silver footwear matching her wedding dress with pointed heels.
Winter Barbie looks good with high leather or fur boots, and for summer, it can be a cool floater, light sneakers, or cowboy boots with simple socks.
Step 6: Your Barbie can look prettier with accessories and jewelry.
The wedding day Barbie can wear a perfectly knitted veil or a headband, stone studded earnings, and bangles. For summer theme, the accessories should be cool and trendy like a wide brimmed straw hat with colorful ribbons, cute headbands, and funky wristbands. For winter, you can design a woolen cap or a fur lined hat.

Making your Barbie House

To create your own Barbie house, you can either make your own design and get it built in a craft shop. If you know to give a form to your planned design, do it by yourself. First take a look at different doll house designs to get an idea about your own Barbie house. Start making the design on a paper with every detail.
Note the colors, styles, clippings of roofs, ceiling, floors and corners, placement of doors and windows, etc. Make several sketches on a graph paper with correct measurements of rooms, floor plan, staircases (if multi-storied), and all components of the house. Then take your drawing plan to a craft store to get your Barbie house built.
You must be imaginative enough to customize your own Barbie doll. Your personal innovative skills should make your Barbie doll look unique and original. To get the perfect product, you should procure the right items and design. Last but not the least, be patient and have fun while making it.