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Craft Ideas for a Baby Shower

Reshma Jirage Nov 20, 2018
Planning a baby shower party? Thinking of making crafts for baby shower party decorations? Then, check out these wonderful ideas for crafts to make for baby shower.
Baby shower party is a great, meaningful way to celebrate the arrival of a baby. It is the most awaited and pleasant moment in every couple's life. When the couple comes to know about this 'good news', they start preparations and planning for a baby shower celebration. It is the right time to invite all your relatives and friends to share your pleasure.
A well-coordinated and well-managed baby shower planning, which includes thoughtfully written invitations, great decorating ideas with delightful baby shower food recipes, is the key to make this event memorable in a true sense.
Centerpieces and favors are an integral part of any party decorations. You may get a wide variety of attractive baby shower favors and centerpieces in the market. However, if you have a creative mind and artistic hand, then you can make beautiful crafts by yourself. Here are some fantastic ideas to help you out.

Craft Ideas

Baby shower crafts are inexpensive and easy to make; what you need is a bit of creativity, imagination and some efforts. There are a number of versatile ideas for making crafts for baby shower. You can make beautiful soaps or candles using molds of various shapes and sizes.
You can also make attractive bookmarks, banners, streamers, ceramics and painted glasses. Diaper cake is another easy-to-make baby shower craft.
Try making some wonderful baby shower favors like chocolates and candies wrapped in a gift box, tea or coffee hampers, a gift basket filled with cookies or scented candles.

Baby Shower Candles

What you need:
  • Candle wax
  • Cookie cutters or molds (baby-themed cutters give the best effect)
  • Long length of wick

Fill hot wax in each of the cookie cutters or molds. Insert the wick and allow it to harden. You can do this on a wax paper for easy clean-up. Once the candle is hardened, remove it from the mold or cutter. You can decorate the candles with paint, lace or flowers.

Diaper Teddy Bear

What you need:
  • 1 package of size 2 diapers
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • 1 roll of 3 inch ribbon
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Pacifier
  • Bib
  • Decorative items like sunglasses, brown felt and a black pom pom.

First, roll one diaper and place it on another open diaper. Keep adding diapers and continue to roll them, until you get the preferred size. Make a large ball to make the body and a small ball for the head.
Wrap each roll in a ribbon. Make a roll of single diaper for each ear, hand and foot. Then connect head, ears, hands and feet to the body of the bear with double-sided tape. Decorate the bear with a black pom pom, brown felt and sunglasses.

Baby Shoe Centerpiece

What you need:
  • white baby shoe (smaller ones are preferred)
  • Pastel baby yarn, about 24 inches long
  • Pastel colored small bells
  • Florist's foam
  • Baby's breath or some other small artificial flower

Replace the shoelace with a piece of baby yarn. Leave long ends of the yarn, so that it can be tied into a bow and the bells can be added to it. Tie and double-knot a bow. Attach 3-4 jingle bells at the ends of the yarn using a thread.
Cut a piece of florist's foam, so that it comfortably fits into the shoe. The opening of the baby shoe should be filled with the foam and not the toe. Decorate it with small pieces of baby's breath or small flowers to make an attractive arrangement.
Baby shower crafts are a great way to express your creativity and receive an appreciation from your guests. We hope the mentioned information helped you.