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Cowboy-themed Baby Shower Ideas

Shashank Nakate Feb 15, 2019
A cowboy-themed baby shower is a fun-filled way to celebrate the birth of a child. It is a medium to 'shower' the baby and mother with best wishes and necessary items required for baby care.
In the US, the tradition of baby shower was started by a German merchant Franz Schauer in the city of New York, in 18th century. The birth of a child is celebrated on this occasion, wherein the mother and her child are presented with gifts.
This activity has been in practice in Europe and some parts of Asia and Africa. Let's see the process to arrange this wonderful and fun-filled occasion in a cowboy theme.

The Tips

The invitations, food, decorations, and games are an integral part of this event.


The preparation for any kind of celebration begins with making the guest list and invitation cards. For planning this event with a cowboy theme, the invitation cards should be decorated accordingly. Decorating an invitation card with the sketch of a typical cowboy hat or simply a picture of a cowboy would make it quite interesting.


Food recipes in this theme should reflect the taste of Southwestern delicacies. The food items for such celebrations include chips and dip, quesadillas, little smokies, chalupas, mini tacos, etc.
The cake can be designed with features like a lasso, cowboy hat, boots, etc.
A typical 'Western Horse Cake' can be prepared by first baking a 13x9x2 inches cake. One would require a cup of white frosting and 3 cups of chocolate frosting for this recipe. It should be decorated with a white frosting resembling the 'mane' of the horse. For the bridle and reins, braid licorice. For the eyes, use coil black licorice.


It should include posters, centerpieces for tables, and many other items.
Stuffed animals such as cows and horses can be used for decorating the house. Posters with pictures of babies create the effect and the environment for a perfect baby shower party.


The games that we generally play in parties could be modified for this particular theme. The game of guessing the names of cowboy movies would give it a special touch. One can try any John Wayne movie or other movies such as 'Unforgiven', 'Tombstone', 'Dawn Rider', etc. The game of roping the objects can also be played.
Objects like hats, stuffed animals (cows and horses), boots, spurs, saddles, etc., should be used for such games. A word scramble game can also be interesting for such an event. Commonly used cowboy words can be used in it. One can use the 'Cowboy Bob's Dictionary' as a reference while playing it.
In addition, 'Musical Bottle Race', a game that is similar to musical chair can also be played. The slight difference between these two games is that, in the former one, three baby bottles filled with some beverages are circulated among the players.
The person holding the bottle at the time when the music stops, gets caught. He has to then participate in the drinking race. Losing the drinking race throws him/her out of the game. The person who survives till the end, wins the game.
Apart from the ideas mentioned, one can also use his/her imagination while planning this event. In short, it is meant for having a good time and one should enjoy it to the fullest.