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Cool Baby Shower Themes

Have You Heard of These Amazing and Uber Cool Baby Shower Themes?

Want to delight the mom-to-be who is awaiting the arrival of her little one? Then, throw her a cute theme-based baby shower, complete with the right invitations, decor, menu, and much more, to help her and the other guests celebrate the impending arrival of the baby.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Whether you are hosting a modern or a traditional baby shower, choosing the perfect theme for it can help in bringing in a greater sense of festivity and cheer that the occasion deserves. The theme does not have to be extravagant or over-the-top. The idea is to choose a theme where the new mom is the star of the show. For example, if the mother-to-be is in her 'nesting' phase right now, trying to clean the house and preparing the clothes and furniture before the baby's arrival, then a cute nesting bird-themed baby shower would be the best for the occasion. There are many more amazing themes that you can choose from.
Baby Shower Sports Theme for Boys
This theme is perfect if the parents are expecting a boy. You can decide on the favorite game or sport. Print the cards based on this. Some popular cards would be ones that are football-shaped, helmet-shaped, bat-shaped, volleyball-shaped, or basketball-shaped cards. Another great idea is to print the cards like tickets to a sporting event. You can use a variety of balloons and streamers related to the sports theme like basketball, football, etc. Place different memorabilia related to the game like jerseys, pennants, and mini trophies. Display various sports equipment related to the mother's favorite game like bats, rackets, ball etc. in one corner of your house.
The decoration can be related to the favorite team logo and the color combination can be similar to the team uniform. Put the team logo on the napkins and table cloths, balloons, streamers, and cake. The gifts should be centered around sports. You can choose baby bedding, lamps, baby clothes, etc. with sports-based theme. You can buy sports-related toys as well. Tickets to the local junior division or college team games can be great gifts for the guests. A gift coupon to the local mini pool or bowling area will be appreciated. The food should be similar to game-day food such as hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips, veg or meat platters, chicken wings, etc.
Baby Girl Shower Theme
If the parents are expecting a baby girl, then choose a 'Pink Theme' for the baby shower. Use pink balloons, streamers, table-cloth, etc. Alternately, use a color combination with pink and other bright colors like yellow. You can try using yellow flowers or tying lavender color bows for decoration. Use flowers such as pink roses, Asters, and Canterbury bells for decoration. The invitation cards should be printed in pink and coordinating colors. The gifts can be pink in color like t-shirts, bedding, baby blankets, towels, etc. For the guests, try gifting pink candles, flower bouquets, or a box of assorted chocolates wrapped in pink paper. The food should be served in pink plates with pink plastic spoons and forks.
Unique Baby Shower Themes
You can plan a teddy bear theme with lots of teddy bears. The cards and the baby shower cake can be shaped like a teddy bear. Choose table cloths printed with teddy bears.
A beach baby shower theme is a unique way to celebrate the occasion. Decorate the place with umbrellas, pails, shovels, seashells etc. Ask your guests to dress in Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Ask the ladies to wear Panama hats.
A marine baby shower theme can be hosted near the swimming pool. Use lots of toy ships and boats, and decorations related to a cruise party. Sea foods and veggies should be the main foods in the menu. Use navy blue and white colors for the balloons and streamers. Strategically place a mock anchor near the pool. Throw life savers with nautical ropes in the pool with banners like 'It's a boy' or 'Congratulations'. The best way is to host it in a real boat.
There are many unique decorating ideas that can be used to throw a nice surprise for the mother-to-be. You can keep the theme simple and elegant or throw an elaborate shower for a grand welcome. Keep the music low and alcoholic drinks to a minimum.
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