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Co-ed Baby Shower Games

Innovative and Fun Co-ed Baby Shower Games That Men Will Love Too

Are you planning to throw a co-ed baby shower instead of the traditional women only party? Well, if you are, then here are some fun games that you can have at the party that you are hosting to celebrate the imminent birth of a kid.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Future parents tasting baby food at shower party in summer
Co-ed baby showers are very popular nowadays as inviting men has doubled the fun. Most of these parties hosted today do not follow the traditional setting of discussing the many problems of pregnancy, the horrors of the labor room, and going gaga while opening the presents. With the presence of men at the party, baby showers have become a lot more lively, active, and fun. To keep the men interested and the party on a constant high note, you can try some of the games mentioned in this article. These fun activities will surely keep the party alive and help you and your guests enjoy the private affair.
The Baby, The Diaper and One Hand Each
This is a sort of a team game where couples are asked to team up. They are supposed to tie a diaper to a baby doll. And to make this simple task interesting, the couple is allowed to use only one hand each. The other hand is not supposed to touch either the doll or the diaper. The couple who ties the diaper the fastest, is the winner.
The Multitasking Super Parent
This is a simple game where two people hold a clothesline, and guests come up one by one and hang clothes on the line in a minute. Where's the fun, you ask? Well, each person has to hold a baby doll in one hand, mimic speaking on a cordless phone with the other hand, and hang the clothes at the same time. The one who hangs the most number of clothes in a minute is the winner.
Drink, Mama, Drink
You need to fill small baby bottles with a variety of fruit juices and ask the guests to drink the juice by sucking on the bottle. The guest who finishes the bottle first is the winner. This may seem simple but it is really hard to drink juice from a baby bottle, especially for an adult who is used to a glass.
Belly Race
All you need to do is blow big balloons and ask the men to put them under their shirts. Then ask them to race to another room, tie their shoes and come back to the original starting point. The first man to arrive back at the starting point without bursting the balloon is the winner.
Potato Walk
You need to ask your guest to place a potato between their knees, walk across the room and put the potato into a jar at the end of the room. And they have to do all this without touching the potato with their hand.
Toss the Balloons
This is a game that needs to be played outdoors. You need to fill water balloons and ask your guests to pick one partner each. Then ask the couples to toss the water balloons back and forth without dropping them. The one who can continue playing the longest without dropping their balloons wins.
Fish the Nipples
You need to take a large bucket full of water and add several baby nipples to it. Then ask the participants to kneel down, hands behind their backs, and fish out the nipples with their mouth. The guest who grabs the most number of nipples in a minute wins.
These are some creative and fun games that you can have at your party. This will definitely make the party a lot more interesting and get everyone interested. Have an enjoyable baby shower.