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A Guide to Choosing Classic Toys for Toddlers

Omkar Phatak Nov 22, 2018
Toys are an important part of a toddler's world. Classic ones make for great gifts. Read on to get some suggestions.
A toy is a big part of a toddler's little world. Everything that he is introduced to, in these tender years, makes a big impression on his developing mind. Every toy is an opportunity for the child to learn new things and develop nascent instincts.
Classic ones are simple in construction, but offer myriad opportunities for a toddler to do some creative stuff, discover things, and have a lot of fun.
The world is so new for toddlers. They look at this world with an unbiased eye, taking in everything with delight. Best toys for them, are ones which help in developing their body and mind and entertain them at the same time. Their bag should be a mixture of fun and educational toys. There are so many things to learn and so many opportunities to have fun.

Simple Classic Toys

We start playing with simple toys early on, as toddlers and as we grow up, we never really quit playing. Only, they get bigger and costlier with age. Toddlers do not need advanced gadgets and contraptions to have fun.
In fact, these kinds of toys give no opportunities for their abilities to grow as they are not interactive. We do not want the kid to be just a spectator, but the toy should get him involved in an activity. Simple ones are the best as they get the children involved and teach them something new about the real world.

Rubber Bouncing Ball

A bouncing ball has been used as a toy since ever. A big and soft rubber ball is one of the most enjoyable and safe toys you could give a kid. They love playing with these rubber balls.
Playing with them, improves their movement skills and coordination. Do not give them small rubber balls; however, as there is a danger that they may try to swallow.

Building Blocks

Cubical building blocks, that come in multiple colors and fit into each other, are great options. They give an opportunity to the child, to build and use his creativity, to make new things.
It develops their spatial sense and ability to understand structures. Nowadays, special building blocks are also available, that contain blocks of different shapes and sizes, which can fit into each other. They offer more possibilities for their imagination to take shape. There can be many variations of these blocks in the market.

Rocking Horse

A rocking horse is also one of the all-time favorites.
It is one of the best wooden toys, built in the shape of a wooden cut out of a horse. It has handles ahead and a curved base, which makes it a rocking horse. Kids simply love riding them.

Jack in the Box

Nobody needs an introduction to this toy. It consists of a cubical box, in which a spring is loaded and the figure of a joker pops out, as the child opens the lid. Toddlers love playing with these kinds of 'surprise element' based toys.

Jigsaw Puzzle

These puzzles can get the child involved and let him have a lot of fun, putting the pieces together. In fact, this is a toy and a game where you as a parent can join in and help him out.
It develops pattern recognition ability among toddlers and helps them visualize.
Other great gifts are cuddly plush toys, dollhouses, figurines (of cartoons and other characters), musical instruments like baby drums, to name a few. Hope this has given you a general idea about how classic toys are different from gizmos like video games.
Video games are also a lot of fun, but in the toddler stage, it's important that they get a lot of physical activity. With toys like building blocks, they feel the joy of creating something new on their own and learn new things. So, remember to buy a toy for a toddler, that gets him involved and is a lot of fun, at the same time.