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Classic Baby Girl Names

Mayuri Kulkarni Feb 15, 2019
If you are searching for some classic baby girl names for your little princess, then your search should end here. Here is a list of some famous baby girl names with a classic touch.
Deciding the name of your baby girl is a very important decision, since she will be identified with that name for the rest of her life. If it is your first baby, then surely you want the name to be one of a kind.
Classic names are known for their connection with historical personalities and Bible. These names are always in vogue and they are remembered for centuries. Most of these names have some special and long history related to their origin.
Classic names are basically names of some great historical personality or any name that can be found in the Bible or any literary work. Royalness and timelessness are two main features of classic names.
These names are originated from some of the oldest languages like Greek, Latin, or Hebrew. You just cannot go wrong with these baby girl names, since all of them have great meanings and are quite easy to pronounce.

Classic Names for Baby Girls

  • Alice:
    This name became popular with the book Alice in Wonderland, by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. The name has been used in Britain since 12th century and means "noble girl". Aleece, Alicie, Alysse, Elyssa, etc., are some of the variations of this name.
  • Anne:
    Other versions of this name are Anna and Annie. This is one of the classic American girl names, and has originated from a character in Bible called Channah. it stands for "favored grace."
  • Adelia:
    Adelia is an English classic name. It is short and beautiful with the sweet meaning, "noble girl".
  • Catherine/Katharine:
    This name basically originated from the Greek name, Aikaterine, and has a very nice meaning, "pure". Katie, Cathy, or Kate can be some of the variations of this name.
  • Elizabeth:
    Elizabeth is always on the top of the list of classic English baby girl names. It originates from a Hebrew name called Elisheva and means "God's promise". Some of the popular variations of this name are Betty, Liz, Ellie, etc.
  • Isabella/Isabel:
    This is basically a variation of Elizabeth and has a Hebrew origin. The meaning of this classic name is, "My God is Bountiful", "God of plenty", or "My God is a vow". It is a very popular name used in many literature works.
  • Jane:
    Jane is the feminine version of the name John. The name has a Hebrew origin and comes from the name Yochana, meaning "God's grace". Chavon, Jean, Zanna, Joan, etc., are some of the variations of this name.
  • Laura:
    This name has a Latin origin and means "laurel", which is a family of flowering plants. The leaves of these plants were used in olden days to make wreaths and were awarded to the winners in Olympics in Greece. Thus, this name means someone who wears a victory crown or a beautiful heroic girl.
  • Margaret:
    Margaret has a Latin origin. The name basically comes from a Greek word Margaron, meaning "pearl". Some of the variations of this name are Margarita, Maggie, Mag, etc.

Other Traditional Baby Girl Names

  • Sarah - princess
  • Victoria - queen
  • Mary - bitter or Mother of Jesus
  • Emma - entire, universal
  • Clara - famous, brilliant
  • Hannah - favored grace
  • Lillian - lily
  • Myra - myrrh
  • Velma - determined protector
  • Violet - purple
So, these were few of the classic names for girls. The provided list should help you decide the name of your new family member. All the best!