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Child Safety Gates for Stairs

Debopriya Bose Nov 26, 2018
Usage of child safety gates gives us a peace of mind and assurance that our children would not walk down the stairs or reach places not safe for them, when we are not around. There are a large variety to choose from. To learn more about them, have a look.
As a child grows, curiosity gets the better of him. He wants to touch everything, explore every corner of the house. But, his curiosity is not matched with ability to judge what is safe and unsafe for him.
It is very difficult for parents to keep a watchful eye over their tots, specially during times when they wake up unexpectedly from their sleep. They might try to climb down the stairs or reach the fireplace.
A parent may not know what his/her child is up to, as the baby is supposed to be asleep. It is in such times that safety gates become so very important. They can be installed in the house to prevent a child from climbing up or down a staircase when the parents are not around.
A child safety gate restricts access of children to areas that are dangerous for them. They are made so that a child cannot open them.
They come in a variety of materials ranging from wooden, plastic, accordion style, solid panels which can be moved to clear panels that will allow a child to see through, etc. Though primarily used in doorways, they may be used at the beginning of a flight of stairs or to create a play area for children that would keep them out of dangerous areas.


Screw-fitting Stair Gate

These can be installed at the staircase by screwing the fixings of the gate to the wall with a drilling machine. The advantage of this type of gate is that if fitted properly, they do not come loose. Another benefit is that there is no bar across the bottom. Hence, the threat of a tripping accident at the top of the stairs is ruled out.

Pressure-fitting Gate

These don't require the fixings to be drilled or permanent adhesives to be used on the walls. They expand until they fit tightly into the door frame. They are an ideal choice to be used as a separator in a room. But, they shouldn't be used on top of a staircase.

Auto-close Baby Gate

As the name suggests, these close on their own, thereby ensuring the parents a greater peace of mind. These are usually pressure-type fitting child safety gates.

Bannister and Balcony Guard

These are popularly used on stairs, and banisters and railings on balconies. By installing these, one can be sure that the child does not get stuck in the gaps or slips through them.

Retractable Stair Gate

These are like roller blinds on their sides. These are made of a tough material that can withstand an impact of over 200 lbs. They are suitable for kids up to 2 years of age. They need to be screwed to the wall and are generally twice as expensive as a regular screw or pressure-fitting gate.

Wooden Baby Gate

Both the screw and pressure-fitting gates may be available in wood. They increase the beauty and look of the house. However, if there are pets in the house, they may easily get spoiled.

A Word of Caution

There are other varieties of gates for stairs that are available in the market. However, while buying one, one must keep in mind that those with screw fittings are safer than the pressure fitting types. A pressure fitting type uses pressure to clamp in between spaces. There is a possibility that a child might be able to apply pressure and push the gate open.
Before installing child safety gates on stairs or across the doorway, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Do not ever buy used ones. Obviously your baby's safety is the first thing on your mind, isn't it? Refer to some reviews before buying. Even if you have installed one, don't rely completely on it. Always keep an eye on your child.